Monday, July 6, 2009

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May Peace be Upon You

It seems like yesterday I was updating i LOVE mondays and it has been a manic week for me for in a blink, its back to Monday....and here I am (still Sunday, 6.45pm) updating for my slot, without a topic in mind!!!!! Aaaarrgghhh, I have to manage my time better.

Anyways, 2 of my cousins (who incidentally are a pair of brothers) are currently planning for their renovation of their new homes. This would definitely be a good one for me to blog on. Different style and different approach to their renovation process.

And today's renovation, there is so much help available. From free design consultation that would provide a quick budget breakdown to free 3D perspectives of what your home, there is a website called that gives you quick tips literally at your fingertips!

Whilst I was browsing through there are several good links to it although it would be good to have indicative prices on the Buyer Guide!

The Renovation Articles are definitely a good info, although would be nice to read fresh new topics as well. However, reading through the new renovated homes articles and looking at the newly renovated homes, I am just sooo tempted to start finding that new place...Well, that dream just have to wait just a wee bit longer.....

But the Forum page is definitely a good source as this is a platform where you can share your woes and joys on your renovation process and I guess, today's customers are much smarter...Not happy, blast on the internet!

Anyways, I hope to in the next few months, able to follow my two couple cousins - Rey + Hil and Yan + Shikin in their process of building their new homes.....

Stay tuned !

xoxo - Pearl


Otak Belacan said...

Kalau kat facebook ni, dah mark as I like this. Hehe. *thumbs up*

I remember them!! The ones that you prepared for their hantarans kan? Kekeke.

PearL said...

Yes!!! right on babe!...and one with baby on the way lagi.. ;)