Monday, July 13, 2009

i LOVE Mondays - Energy Spill: The power of Surah

Surah Faatiha protects from ALLAH's anger.
Surah Yaseen from thirst on the Day Of Judgement.
Surah Waqiah from poverty and starvation.
Surah Mulk from punishment of grave.
Surah Kausar from enemity of enemy.
Surah Kaafiroon from kufr at time of death.
Surah Ikhlaas from hypocrisy.
Surah Falaq from calamities.
Surah Naas from evil thoughts.

Fi hifzillah - Pearl


cik syahira said...


thank you very much for this info.
it's meaningful.

PearL said...

Cik Syahira - that's nice to know.... ;)