Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Timeout with Shopper Mama - Brands!

Today let's talk about Brands!

I am sure many of you have chanced upon fake branded stuff. These are known as counterfeits. But what I am touching on, are names that sounded like the brand itself!

These stuff can be seen almost everywhere & aplenty but its very rampant in China, Indonesia & Thailand!

Well, many of us have been ‘TER-tipu-ed’ & cheated before by some scumbags salesman right? Its a case of displaying the product in its original form with original name and packaging but when it comes to the actual product itself, what you have in yours hands is a F.A.K.E!

Examples of some of the ‘brand’ names that I’ve come across –

Adidas – Asadi (this is like everywhere!)

Billabong – Balibong

Coach – Cochi (same design lagi!)

Guess – Guees

Louis Vuitton – Lois Vitton

Hugo Boss – Hug’d Boss

and many more! And more proof, check these out. I am sure you can tell its original name!

and even this..... gaspssss!

Own personal experience - this incident happened a few years ago. A fren who went to China bought some USB flash drive there coz its really cheap. He chose a Sony brand & the salesman got him a new one & without him checking, he paid & walked off. Coming back here, we tried but it didn’t work. That’s when we looked closely & the brand we saw was not SONY but......... SORY!

Come on everyone, I am sure you guys have come across some other names, so share & comment pls!


PearL said...

Hahaha.. Tis is gd... U know I saw this brand inJB - Pensonic.. One glance cam Panasonic..hehe.. That USB thingy my cousin kena, he didn't check n when it didn't work, he open up the USB n ther wasn't any chip inside.. Nak save document cam ne!! These pple r really unscrupulous!!

Xoxo - P

Otak Belacan said...

Wahahahaha!! Pernah come across tapi tak pernah lah terjebak.. Lagi ketawa terbahak-bahak aderlah! Kekekeke.

Takde chip inside tu seriously haha!!

Gembo said...

Hhahaha tak pernah rasanya lah.

We do see lots of it here, and dorang tak malu2 simpan harga mahal, kononnya exclusive ciplak lah gitu.

G, Mr G

Mrs LVoe said...

pensonic bukan mmg brand Msia ker? bukan ciplak kan?

Sis Ann,
adidas & adibas slalu nmpk kat cni.. blambak2

PearL said...

Ms LV, hehe, I guess must be a malaysian brand, not surelah. I dun think ciplak.. Cuma nama so close gitu..

Mrs Taj said...

SONY to SORY? hauhauhuahuahua.....

Shopaholic Mama said...

Pearl - I saw Pensonic also in Malaysia, esp bila nak drive gi KL, kat highway, the advertisement banyak! I thot ciplak, but rupanya not - its their own Malaysian brand!

Nadh - tak kanlah you tak penah TER-jebak??

Mr G - sometimes I wonder, the names that they think of, really amazingly funny kan!

Sha - At first I also thot Pensonic ni copy Panasonic, rupanya its own brand!

Mrs Taj - Really the box packaging semua mcm 'SONY'. Cuma bila dah bukak, then label inside rupanya 'SORY' pulak! Kalau boleh pakai takpe jugak, ni semua tak boleh!

Dee said...

hahaha..mmg lawaklah..konon2 kalo tukar nama mmg ada org belikan..hehehe..

Shopaholic Mama said...

Dee - siapalah tu yg can think of such names, so close to the original but cute pulak tu nama dia! I rasa memang ada orang beli esp slipper Asadi brand, byk I tgk!

Anonymous said...

Salam Ann

Tks You so much of ur info abt Bali. Love ur blog.

Shikin AB

shada JD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shada JD said... about crocs to clogs?

actually,mcm curious sket.
if let say GUCCI tu diciplak jadi GUSSI,dorang tak kena saman ke?
like mcm stuffs yang tak authentic/replica semua tu mcm byk blogshop jual.tak kena saman ke?

sekian soalan saya.HAHAHA