Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Get well soon Mak Pah Vogue!

Our dearest Mak Pah Vogue is not well. She's on MC for 3 days, means a 3 days off from the blog too! Our well-wishes for her to recover soon. Stay vogue u Mak Pah! Hope this boosts you to a speedy recovery! *hugs*


cik syahira said...

dear mak pah.

get well soon yer.


Gembo said...

Mrs G: Hopefully not due to the 'terkezut' birthday celebration last week.. Get well soon... ;p

Shopaholic Mama said...

Mak Pah, take care!

Yg gambar kucing tu, whose idea is it? Dahlah Mak Pah tak boleh dekat kucing...hehehe

rasp said...

Mak Pah,

have a gud rest & get well soon.

take care!

Mrs Taj said...

get well soon kak pah..

Blushwax said...

Have a good rest Mak Pah!

Mak Pah Vogue said...

Dear all,

Thks for the well wishes. Muor had a bad flu cum sore throat until breathless. Doc was concerned due to H1N1 outbreak and since I am asthmatic and hypertensive, she advised me to be on quarantine for another 3 days since I started the flu symptom on Sunday. I had to monitor my temperature and was given a flu-like illness discharge advice of what to look out in case my condition deteriorates. If yes, I had to call for ambulance to hospital. I'll probably update in my next posting in order to let everyone be more aware of H1N1.

Stay in the pink of health everybody.... Cheers.