Monday, July 6, 2009

Vogue-U Potion - "Hey, that's mine!!!!"

In the name of Allah, the Almighty, most Gracious and most Merciful…..

Dear Vogue-u-ers…..,

When I was in my 20s, I loved to go shopping with my sister. She’s the only sister I have besides my other 2 brothers. In fact all of us were quite attached and loved to hang out together, may it be “lepaking” at the East Coast beach, fishing, camping, cycling or even playing board games during weekends. In fact, all our cousins too were quite attached and we always hang out together during weekends and took turns to sleep over as well during school holidays.

Well, actually I wanted to talk about shopping and a very memorable incident happened many years back which is still fresh in my mind till today. So sit tight, let me go “Back To The Future”………

One night in the year of 1985 or so, I asked my sis to accompany me to our neighbourhood shops to look for shoes. We went to a few shops and tried some of the new patterns in the market. There were a few rows of shoe shops along the block. So we took our own sweet time to recce the “dream shoe”. We entered one shop and saw an old Chinese lady sitting in one corner and smiling away at us and nodding her head as if inviting us into the shop. The shop-owner was busy with a young Chinese lady, who my guessed would be a customer.

Both, my sis and me went through the shelves of shoes from one end to the other end. I could hear the old lady telling the shop-owner something. When I turned my head, I saw the shop-owner gestured to me to hold on for a while as he’s busy with the other customer. I understood his gestures and nodded my head. Since it was a neighbourhood shop, I guessed they did not hire extra hands to attend to customers, considering there wouldn’t be many customers coming to the shop at one particular time right…

While going through the shelves, I noticed 1 shoe was missing from the display and remarked to my sis, “Hey, one shoe missing, where could it be?”. Then our eyes suddenly looked down and saw 1 white court shoe laying on the floor. I remarked again, “Who is the culprit after trying never bothered to put back!!!” So I bent down to pick up the shoe. When I wanted to put the shoe back on the shelves, I was kind of attracted to it and told my sis that I liked the shoe. I looked at the size and voila it’s my size. Since the owner was still busy with the other customer, I put on the shoe and walked with a slight limp round the shop (obviously as I was only wearing on 1 side of my leg). My sis agreed that the shoe pattern was unique…… when suddenly I saw the other customer stood at the corner of the shelves and was staring at us. I smiled at her and asked her opinion, “Nice????” She gazed at me a while and said, “Hey, that’s mine. That's my shoe!!!!”

Both my sis and me looked at each other with our mouths wide opened as big as a cave……huhuhu. I quickly took off the shoe and gasped, “Oooopss, I’m sorry I didn’t know, it looks so new and eeeerrrrrrrr, I thought it was one of the shop’s shoe”. The lady did not utter a word but snatched her shoe back with the unhappy look on her face. The shop-owner just smiled at us.

Out of embarrassment, I signaled to my sis to quickly get out of the shop!!!!! We gave a loud laugh, and I guessed the whole block could hear our laughter!!!! wakakakakakakaka. However before I exit, I glimpsed at her leg to check where could the other shoe be….. My guess was right, it was on her other leg…….. However I couldn’t remember whether did I buy any shoes that night????? Hmmmmm????

So lesson learnt here, never ever try anything that’s laying around untouched, unless it is on display or better still ask the Sales person to assist you…… We agreed we were foolish that time. However it was quite comical though……hahahahahahaha. Recalling the incident really made me giggled sometimes….

So Vogue-ers…., whatever the situation you may be in, remember to stay Vogue n Cool always.........

May Allah Bless Us…… Amin

Mak Pah's beloved boots bought a few yrs back
(I've had 3 pairs of boots so far, but this one is still in my shoe rack)

PS: Ema – if you read this…. Just to let u know… I love you dear……muacks


cik syahira said...


ouh.. lucu lah entri ni!
1985's sy baru lahir.

PearL said...

1985... Hmm, me primary the math.. Hahaha..u know mak pah, sometime carik punya carik benda, orang punya jugak lagi cantik.. Hehehe


Mak Pah Vogue said...

haha syahira.... so u r like a daughter to me.

ah ah rasanya my adik pun dlm darjah 5 waktu tu. Dia slalu menunda ikut pegi shopping. Nanti kat rumah, duk jadi model try out my bajus, begs n kasut. Betul ler kdg2 klu makan kat luar pun gitu eh, makanan orang lain nampak lebih sedap dan menyelerakan.... hehe. lumrah ler.