Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vogue-U Potion - Time to be High Landers.....

May Peace Be With You
Do you recall my last post to Kota Tinggi for the attacked of the horseshoe crab dish at Mahkota Belangkas restaurant. Well, since we were already in Kota Tinggi, we decided to visit the Kota Tinggi waterfalls. As usual we set the GPS to the said destination and off we proceeded.
The waterfall is located at the outskirt of Kota Tinggi town via road to Kluang. As expected, the road would be meandering like a snake as we drove upwards towards the waterfall area. Upon reaching, we saw a gantry at the park's entrance. Initially I thought it was the parking fee booth which I considered quite normal. However we saw the signboard indicated entrance fee is also chargeable per person per entrance..... The entrance fee is charged at RM7.50 per adult (couldn't recall how much was the fee for children, probably half the adult fee I guessed). And parking fee was charged at RM3.00/vehicle.
After paying, the lady told hubby to pass the receipt to another gantry in front in order to collect our entrance passes. After passing the receipt, the other lady passed us 2 waterproof paper wristband labelled "Adult", to be worn upon entrance. I asked the lady what else to expect besides the waterfall. She smiled and answered "waterfall only". I looked at my hubby and my hubby looked back at me puzzled..... coz we didn't know whether the lady understood my question as normally when we go to any waterfall parks, there was no entrance fee incurred. Nevertheless we couldn't be bothered to ask further and drove off to search for a parking space.
Both hubby and me didn't wish to soak ourselves in the stream, so both of us just walked and enjoyed the scenery....
OK let's not waste time...... come let's enjoy the photos taken while we were there......

Visitors soaking themselves and enjoying the cooling water

Hubby feeding some freshwater carps in the waterfall pond with "chin chau" from his drink!!!

The other side of the pond after the bridge.... people enjoying a dip in the stream

And this is the attraction.... a man-made water slide (they dam up the stream in order to build the slide)

Down stream after the big slide is another snake-like water slide

The view from far......

The side road along the waterfall stream

People looking so fresh after dipping, dunking, soaking and sliding in mineral water (well that's what hubby said, natural stream or waterfall have minerals and ions in them)

And yes we met a couple from Malacca with their 2-yr old baby who detoured to Kota Tinggi after their holidays in Tioman Island and Desaru

See how active their 2-yr old toddler was..... I couldn't even take a proper photo of her...hehe

So vogue-u-ers, probably this is one of the attractions you may wish to go when you are in Kota Tinggi. You'll come back totally refresh.....huhu!!!!!
Lots of Luv... Mak Pah

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vogue-U Potion - Mahkota Belangkas Restaurant

May Peace Be With You....

What is Belangkas? It is a malay name for horseshoe crab....

A few weekends back, both hubby and me wanted to try the authentic and famous asam pedas belangkas in Kota Tinggi. The restaurant is called Restoran Belangkas Mahkota. The owner of the restaurant, Pak Hamid, said the restaurant was named after the the Crown Prince of Johor (Tengku MahKota Johor), who is currently the Sultan of Johor. It was told that he likes to eat asam pedas Belangkas. Pak Hamid, a former fisherman from Tanjung Buai said the restaurant gained famed as it is the only place that sells this rare delicacy. The crab does not have much meat. Only the female crab is cooked.

It is located along Jalan Tun Seri Lanang. When you go to Kota Tinggi via JB to Mersing, detour into Kota Tinggi, when in Kota Tinggi town, turn right upon reaching the town's square junction. If you come via Kluang, then you need to turn left at the square junction. After turning you will noticed a Shell petrol kiosk on the left, then ahead is a small bridge of a river (you may noticed small sailing boats on the right of the bridge. The restaurant is located just after the bridge on your left, however you need to enter via Esso petrol kiosk entrance and u-turn to enter a slit road leading to the restaurant. It's a bit confusing, and that's why we had difficulty locating the restaurant previously and ended up dissappointed coz the restaurant closed at 2pm.

In order not to miss the opportunity again as the restaurant only operates from 10am - 2pm, we set out early to Kota Tinggi and had an early and light breakfast in Old Town White Coffee near KIP Mart-Kota Tinggi. We are their first customer of Mahkota Belangkas restaurant that day and was told only the "gong gong shell fish" is not ready. My hubby said it's alright, both of us were there more for the asam pedas belangkas.

OK all, let's enjoy pictures of the food we ordered for our lunch that day......

Our lunch order is served

Meet the signature dish - asam pedas belangkas (it is always cooked dried or malay call it asam pedas kering)

Fish is normally cooked in wet version of asam pedas (this is asam pedas ikan sembilang (catfish)) - fresh and no fishy smell)

Lala goreng rempah (spicy shell fish) - this is a must try dish.... so delicious!!!!

Kerabu or some call it urap (mixed vegetable salad)

Let's tuck in..... start with the belangkas dish (horseshoe crab dish)

Look at the eggs!!!! It has a buttery taste and the best part no fishy smell as well

ooooo look at the eggs again.... it's finger-licking good!!!

Now a demo of how I tear open the horseshoe crab to reveal more eggs!!! FYI the female crabs do not have much flesh but lots of eggs!!!!
Asam pedas ikan sembilang...... must try as well.... so delicious

Lala goreng - the flesh is so fat and no regrets ordering it!!!

The damages from me

The damages from my hubby were more!!! He was enjoying the dishes until reluctant any photoshoot of him digging in the food....haha

The final damages by 2 adults.....

Still not satisfied and kept digging for the spices.... hahaha

Meet Pak Hamid who runs Mahkota Belangkas Restaurant.... a humble and chatty person, was a fisherman in Tanjung Buai. Chatted with us for more than 1 hour. He specialised in cooking the asam pedas belangkas and asam pedas ikan sembilang or any catfish species, whereas his wife cooks the kari ayam kampung (village chicken curry) and gong gong (white shell fish). Other non-signature dishes will be helped by his children and helpers.

The dishes counter.... just a small corner serving quite a handful of dishes.....

Pictures of the sultanate of Johor descedents placed on the walls of the restaurant and also paper cuttings of the restaurant in M'sia's media

Picture taken from inside the retaurant, see the Esso kiosk, you need to enter from there and u-turn towards the slit road to the restaurant. FYI the building opposite Esso is KIP Mart-Kota Tinggi

People started coming for lunch when we were about to leave the restaurant

So all.... if you are adventurous and daring to try such delicacies, why not drop by Mahkota Belangkas Restaurant in Kota Tinggi, one of these days..... BTW they closed on Sundays!

Lots of luv..... Mak Pah

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vogue-U Potion - They came flying on a "Dragon" to our "Far Far Away Land" of Singapore

May Peace Be With You.......

The family came for a vacation to a land 'Far, Far Away' where Dinosaurs once ruled the land, and Mummies cursed anyone trying to lay hands on their treasures. They flew on the back of a dragon, and searched for treasures within the walls of Imhotep resting place. They also met Frankenstein, a well known green ogre and Charlie Chaplin is actually still alive!.......

The above I quote are the intro words from none other than the Gembos from the "Land of Oil"!!!! haha.... where is that????..... starts with the letter B..... and ends with the letter I...... and yes if your guess is BRUNEI...

They came during the first week of June school holidays. And this time round they came with their kids..... 1 whole family!!!!!!! We can call it a fairy tale vacation..... they left their footsteps at the Universal Studio of S'pore, their finger prints at the S'pore Zoo, conquered Orchard Rd and was invited to the royale banquet by the VUs..... at Kampong Chai Chee Seafood restaurant!!!!

Hail all!!!! you are invited to witness the banquet set by VU for them.....


Meet the whole Gembos, all the way from Brunei

The banquet is served.....

Meet the signature dish..... chilli crab!!

Before we chomp..... kawai!!!!

and before the hands touch the chillies...... "guchi guchi" to the youngest and cutest addition of VU, non other that Raf's Junior Blushwax

Mr G is telling..... "dun disturb my crab!!"

yeay you cannot catch me.... I finished the crabs......

stomach already full.... so can play catching next

Indra and Mama Ann with the vogue post

now here comes the Gembo's princesses.... cute

Nadh's catch-phrase.... "When Mak Pah meets Mak Yah....."
OK... I continue with a poem...
Go market to buy papaya
Drop by Geylang to eat curry
When Mak Pah meets Mak Yah
Uncle Shah sekaki listen to story

Finally, a memoir of Mr G and Mr Sam Poi

Well the Gembos have frequent S'pore and don't know whether any of us VU gals shall be fetch by the dragon to fly to the Land of Oil..... only time will tell.

The gathering was short but full of fun, laughter and finger licking good satisfaction..... nevertheless all of us missed Mama Moralle as she was having high fever and flu at that time..... However Alhamdulilah she's on her feet and in the pink of health now.
Lots of Luv..... Mak Pah