Thursday, July 23, 2009

La Dolce Vita : Out Damn Spot!

Ola everybody! I received an email recently asking for advise. Let's look at her(I assume it's a girl) problem shall we?

Hi Sis Blushwax,

I love your La Dolce Vita tips!! They are very useful. Thank you for sharing! But, i got a problem with pimples and i need your advice. I am 16 years old and have troubles with pimples since i got into secondary school. :( can u help to recommend any cream that is good and cheap(budget) for the pimples? thanks! appreciate it! ^^


Pimple hater.
Dear Pimple Hater, I can so identify with your problems right now cos I am having the worst bout of premenstrual breakout ever! Hehe. Now let me stress on how important it is to cleanse your face properly especially since you are at the stage where hormones will cause your face to be really oily.
1) Get a suitable facial cleanser that's anti bacterial or with tree tea oil as one of it's active ingredients.
2) Also get a toner that contains witch hazel in it like the witch hazel toner from Guardian. Cheap and good! But remember not to overcleanse your face. This will cause more sebum and oil production which will eventually lead to more pimples.
3) As for the pimple cream, I swear by the Blakmores Anti-Bacterial Pimple Gel. Dries out the pimple in one night. I am not kidding. I used that when I was in school and even after I had a bigger budget. One problem though, I used to buy it from Watson's or Guardian but lately it's been difficult to find. If you do find it, drop me an email ok! I wanna get one too!
Here's what the packaging looks like
Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further help yeah. 
Vogue-Uers, any other pimple creams you swear by? Do share with us here. Care and share everybody!


Moralle said...

good advise, kak yana also can try this tips........anak dara banyak berangan,pimple toink toink keluar...

Blushwax said...

Hehehe..Kak Mar, jgn cakap anak dara, I pun suka beranagan jugak. ehhehehhehe.

cik syahira said...


*angkat tangan.

boleh sy add satu info?
sy jarang kena jerawat.
suddenly tak tau apa punca, kena jerawat banyaaaaakkkk kat pp.
dah usaha macam-macam tp x berjaya.
one day masa jalan-jalan kat mall terserempak dengan SA product pencuci muka yg sy selalu beli.
dia pun terkejut tgk muka sy..
dia advise selain cuci muka bersih-bersih, ambil kapas muka tuangkan toner dan tekap di pp sblm tidur.
sy try dalam seminggu da nmpak perubahan.
at the same time, sy tak berani makan semua makanan bergoreng, telur dan kicap.
finally, dlm masa 3~4 bulan, jerawat yang banyaaakk beransur hilang dan tak tinggalkan kesan..

sekian terima kasih.

ups.. sori comment yg panjang ni T.T"

Shopaholic Mama said...

Look like I need Blackmores too!

But no more in production already?

Kat Malaysia ada tak? Cik Syahira, tolong check kan dear..

Blushwax said...

Cik Syahirah - Thanks for sharing the tip! Kalau nak skip fried foods tu, I dunno if i can ever do that. hehehehe....

Kak Ann - Watson's and Guardian dun carry it anymore. At the ones around my area lah. You try those around your area? Kalau ada, I want!