Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time Out with Shopper Mama - Hey U, Ms Nasty!

The idea of the topic today came from an article I read in URBAN, referred to by Indra (Tks babe!)

So instead of me rambling abt lousy customer service, let's take a good look at the mirror & ask yourselves," Have I been a nasty shopper?" too!

And sometimes we dont realised it but in reality, I think each of us have been ONE at least once in our lifetime!

As a typical Mr Kiasu Ms Kiasi Singaporean, each of us will go to great lengths for a freebie anytime!

Examples you ask? Let me raise my hands & start with me first!

I will buy my make-up or perfume ONLY when they have a bundled offer or when they also throw in tons of free gifts! Actually, wait......come to think of it, this is not being nasty, but just being smart & savvy shopper lah!

Ok I tell you who are the nasty ones - people who come back to the beauty counters with a half filled or even near empty bottle of moisturiser, lotions & what-nots, demanding refunds with the sob sob story that these products gave them allergies! Like duh!

Then there is this group of 'pinchers' - some beauty counters do have a generous display of testers at their counters. So don't be surprised if you see these pinchers slap a generous amount of the cream (read: LA MER) on their face, neck, body & god-forbid, 'down there' too! Gasps...

Apparently, according to the URBAN article again, some blatantly flaunt their freeloading ways. Let me quote from URBAN -

"There is one woman who is known to visit the various counters of a certain luxury beauty brand for her regular beauty ritual, zooms in on its most expensive cream, scoops out as much of it as she can from the tester jar and proceeds to slather it all over her face and body, oblivious to the looks of disgust around her.

The beauty assistants have since wised up. Now, when they see her striding purposefully towards them, someone will discreetly hide the top-dollar sample and politely tell her that they have run out of it."

Worst still, there is even a group who bring along empty containers to the counters and empty the contents of the tester bottles into their own containers! Don't they ever give a thot that some of us have actually dipped our fingers into those creams! Eeewww...

So tell me how many of you dare to pull these stunts or have done it before!

I dare not & I know I wont, that's for sure!

Let me clarify, spraying of perfumes here & there, testing of lipsticks colours on the wrists or trying creams & lotions on the hands are pretty normal, not something we should feel guilty about!

Ps. This entry was done in the absence of the text formating buttons! Arrrrghh, I hate you blogspot!


Gembo said...

Mrs G: I do take advantage but not to that extent lah.. maybe a squirt of perfume here n there jer.. but I'm especially wary of trying lipsticks..geli...usually the back of my hand will be covered with mulit-coloured swipes (with my current lipstick as benchmark) ..oh and I swipe the tester lipsticks on tissues first ok..
In transit during my recent trip, a perfume shop specifically indicated "No testing"... not sure if that marketing strategy works though..;p

PearL said...

hahahaha, a classic topic Mama... I'm guilty with the perfume section...!!!Especially if you're out of the Food court..hehehe


rasp said...

i do try them out..but not to the extend laa kan..
- perfumes i prefer if the SA sembur on kertas rather on myself coz nantikan mix with my own perfume
- lipstick never on my lips..only kat blakang tangan i lah...
- creams pun calit skit je..

i think most of us buat cenggitu :)

Shopaholic Mama said...

Firstly ladies, ada slight misunderstanding to the entry & I have edited!

Mrs G - kalau part perfume tu, yes of course everyone has squirt done it! I have too but at most 1 scent on my right wrist, another on my left, 1 more on the right arm, another on the left & thats it! Nanti terus mabuk kalau dah mix too many scents!

Lipstick pun I will do it, on my hands, NEVER on my lips.

Pearl - Oh, I ca imagine you lepas spray, you kawai & said 'bye thank you!'

Sis Rasp - hehe, kalau kita test & spray sikit sana sini ok, but what I mean, some of them slap the cream mcmlah benda tu dia yg punya all over tau. Part perfumes tu, everyone incl me tu standardlah, mesti buat punya! Ok I dah edit so takde org salah paham! hahaha

Umi Rose said...

OMG..ada ek org buat mcm tu (i mean scoop a cream from a jar and used it on her face)...tetiba rasa naive pulak...kalau alergik tak ke kes naya....

Dee said...

same with rose..ada ke? x penah lak nmpk..ada lah tu kot eh..euwwww!!

cik syahira said...

hik hik..
serious la ada kot.
kalau la sy jumpa sure sy candid n upload their pics.
@.@" sabar je la org mcm tu.
sikit-sikit test tak apa kot.
kalau dah scoop from a jar.. omg! igt ice cream ke??

*pening kepala SA nnt.

Shopaholic Mama said...

Rose - I think memang adalah, coz the writer dpt info ni from her circle of friends in the beauty line. Geli jugak kan, I rather ask for a tester dlm packet.

Dee - Maybe kat Msia takde orang buat, but kat Spore memang SAH adalah tu! hehehe

Syahira - ha'ah, mcm ice cream nak scoop scoop pulak! We should stand by & snap their acts!

Blushwax said...

Eeekkkss....Singaporeans...kiasu as hell.