Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time out with Shopper Mama - What I really mean!

The idea for this topic just strike me this morning on my way to work.

Have you guys ever wondered what is actually going thru your mind when you are out shopping? Oh sometimes, you wish the Salesgirls have a mental telepathy & can read your mind on what you said and what you really mean!

Scenario 1 -

When I said - I am just looking around.

What I really mean - Don’t you dare follow me! Leave me alone!

When I said - Any discount?

What I really mean – Just trying my luck!

When I said – Can less or not?

What I really mean – Kalau kasi I can consider buying. Kalau tak, then I blah!

When I said – Are you having sale now?

What I really mean – If yes, then I am on.If not, won’t waste my time. Bye!

When I said – Ok set, I’ll take this. Do you have a new piece?

What I really mean – You better dig in yr storeroom & search every rack for a new piece!

When I said – WHAT? This is the last piece?

What I really mean – Huwarrgghhhh, I ain't buying something that has been touched by a thousand pairs of hand!

When I said – Sure that’s your best price ah?

What I really mean – Don’t think I am dumb. I know you can give me cheaper!

When I said – Is that your FINAL price?

What I really mean – Ok jaga kau, watch out... kalau tak kasi murah lagi, I am sure gonna blog abt you!

Above all, the price must be RIGHT!

Then Scenario 2 .............

When I said – Errr Miss, can I leave it at the cashier first? I need to go to toilet URGENT!

What I really mean –I am having second thoughts now, so quick, where is the emergency exit!

What abt you Vogue-uers? Have you come across these in your mind?


::@FiQ said...

walopon mmg keje diorang ngekor kite kan?? tpi nyampah tol! cam ade efek penyamun kt muke kite...wakakkakakaka

salam singgah!

cik syahira said...


hi shopaholic mama.
eh eh..
sama la.
selalu je fikir mcm tu.
but the last part tu tak pernah try lg.
kalau tak nak beli, even dah pilih-pilih still inform "anyway, thanks lah. next time lah baru beli" T.T"
dalam hati.. "isk.. terpaksa beli!"

Shopaholic Mama said...

Afiq - Tks singgah VU!

Yes betul tu! I pernah kena ikut mcmlah the Salesgirl takut I nak curi barang dia pulak! Very merimaskan gitu!

Syahira - Firstly I noticed you are 1 of VU's commentator yg setia. So thank you so much!

yg Scene 2, I kadang2 practise jugak...hehehe. So sebelum bayar, I pakai tactic ni.

But I just make sure I tak balik kat kedai tu lagi, takut2 diorang dah cam & blacklist muka I!

Gembo said...

Mrs G: If in doubt about the purchase - Miss, I'll come back later - nak opinion from my hubby, sis, daughter or yg sewaktu dengannya..
usually that means I'm NOT that into you.. eh salah!
But if masih daydream about it then either I buy it or really bring someone for opinion..

Shopaholic Mama said...

Mrs G - I like the phrase - I'm NOT that into it! huhu

For me, if I keep thinking abt it to the point of having nightmares meracau, means I have to get it soon!

cik syahira said...

* blushed.

anyway i love vogue-u babes..

Blushwax said...

Kak Ann, this is so funny but right on.

Mrs G, I use the same line. ;)

rasp said...

hehehehe betul betul betul!

Shopaholic Mama said...

Syahira - We vogue-u babes love you too!

Raf - I like Mrs G's line too!

Sis Rasp - yep, most of us think alike!