Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vogue-U Potion - 2, 4 or 6???

May Peace Be With You……

Dear Vogue-u-ers, happy Tuesday morning.

Haha, Mak Pah is back to “blabber” again today. There is 1 scenario which really made me laughed and yet pissed off a bit too…. huhu…. Without further ado let me begin…… jeng jeng jeng.

Many weeks before, Mak Pah accompanied my hubby to revise his papers for his exams in a 24-hr KFC restaurant in JB. Well it’s a payback sort kind of thing….. (he used to accompany Mak Pah to revise my papers for exam as well many many years back in Changi Airport).

Obviously being in a 24-hr restaurant, you tend to see traffic of people coming for suppers on and off after midnight. Then at around 1 or 2 am, I started yawning due to boredom…..huhu. I asked hubby how long more and he claimed maybe another 1 hr or so…… OMG, then started blabbering to myself…. We should have checked-in a hotel, so at least you continued your revision and I could solely be in dreamland…muahahahahaha”. My hubby remarked, If you want to sleep, nah take the car key and sleep in the car”. I dared not sleep alone in the car even if he could still monitor me while doing the revision in the restaurant. So I just sat there and continued to play the hp games and surfed the internet.

Then I began to feel bored again!!!!! And in order to kill my boredom, I began scrutinizing the restaurant and analyzed the deco and other customers. There was a group of 4 guys in one corner busy eating. At the counter, there were 2 groups, an Indian couple and behind them a group of 3 Chinese ladies. As I was “admiring” the deco in the restaurant, then I noticed 1 of the Chinese ladies, went round the restaurant to look for a cosy corner for them to tuck in, while the other 2 ladies still at the counter ordering the food. Suddenly I noticed something very funny about the lady going round the so called “almost empty restaurant” and then stopped at a 2-seater table. She stood there a while and was contemplating on which table to sit. She went to another 2-seater table and took a chair and put it together with the 2-seater she finally chose. I was wondering, there were 3 of them and there were 4-seater tables and 6-seater tables available, and what the heck was she choosing the cramp 2-seater table to share with her other 2 friends???

True enough my hunch was correct, when her other 2 friends came and told her it’s cramp!!!! She stood up without putting back the chair she took from the other table and followed her friends to a 4-seater table adjacent to my table. And then the funny part was, it seemed she didn’t like the table and suggested to her friends to move to a 6-seater table instead. At this point of time I was about to laugh out loud, but refrained myself, when I saw her standing up looking for the chilly sauce bottle. She took a bottle and shook it like nobody’s business until the bottle cover popped up and fell to the floor and making the sound “pip pap pip pip pap pap pap” and rolled under their table. She didn’t bother to pick up the cover and just sat and poured the sauce over her plate. One of her friend knelt down under the table to pick up the cover instead. I couldn’t stand her attitude, knocked my forehead and blabbered OMG, what a foolish and selfish person this is!!!!!”.

My hubby who was so engrossed at his revision looked up and asked What is it now???? What do you want????”. Obviously I did not want to disturb his concentration and just told him nothing was wrong and that I was just blabbering to myself.

So to conclude my point here is that, sometimes we didn’t realize that our action and attitude in public can forecast what type of a person we reflect….. Yes, I agreed that it is not wrong being yourself, however there are certain etiquettes which we need to be aware of. We need to respect others and remember this world is shared by many others as well. There is no point being self-centered and rude. Life is so short and should be cherished till the end.

So luv yourself and respect others…… n stay vogue all the time…

Monday, June 29, 2009

VU Interval - Technorati

When VU try on Technorati

i LOVE mondays ENERGY SPILL - a beautiful life

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

2:45pm - Surah 2 Ayat 45 : Nay, seek (Allah's) help with patient perseverance and prayer : it is indeed hard, except to those who bring a lowly spirit -
(Mohonlah pertolongan Allah dengan jalan sabar dan mengerjakan solat : sesungguhnya solat sangat berat kecuali bagi mereka yang khuysuk)

I was once asked in my "i LOVE monday" class in Al Falah few months back, "what is your purpose in LIFE ?". And immediately there was a long pause with the group and faces of in deep thoughts filled the class. And later followed by eyes looking at each other signaling "who wants to talk first" ....

We are always caught up in our everyday lives - our work, our kids, our spouses, our parents, our worries for OTHER people, our concerns. In actual fact, have we ever stop and ask ourselves who exactly that we are trying to please?

For me, I have been easily consumed with all the tangible stuff around me that I forgot. And it was a hard lesson in life that I learn that my purpose is actually to make my Creator happy. It is His Love that matters most! I forgot that without Him, my existence is worthless. Its only when we know our focus is for Him, the rest of our problems could easily be faced with a smile.

Life is simple and it is us that made it complicated. - "All good comes from Him and otherwise is our own doings"

Fi hifzillah - Pearl

i LOVE mondays - The Vogue U Girls LIKE this

In the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

A week has passed and "i LOVE mondays" is here again, this time sharing you on the things the Vogue U Girls love about within their own home.

A Home is built on "blood, sweat and tears". Well, that's my notion on having to own a place of your own you call HOME. And living in Singapore, I think quite a majority could very well reflect on the same sentiment - BLOOD : you vomit blood having to endure the process of having to own a flat. SWEAT : I tell you, countless viewing of flats or houses in such humidity or to some, queuing from wee hours just to get the unit of your choice.....no wonder it will boil down to ....TEARS : its either Tears of joy, of getting your flat or home of your dream or Tears of Disappointment, for having to wait a little longer.

But really, at the end of the day, a HOME is truly built on Love.... Whether big or small your home is, its only when you fill it with love, the joy living in it is PRICELESS.... (yes, even with the screaming kids and that family bantering that we occasionally will have once in a while..)

And so, the girls at Vogue U was asked to do a little exercise for this post. We have to share our favorite and thing/s that we Love within our own home...

Now, can you make out who's favorite thing belongs to WHOM ???...Just try to guess.....

From your "kawai" designer - Pearl

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Geek Chic 101 [Get your power tool ready!]


Tak geek langsung main sap sap gini. T_T

Okay, firstly gotta apologize mannnn cos last week was really a hectic week and so is this week! By the time you're reading this, the Vogue-U clan is probably taking kawaii photos dengan kambing-kambing terchenta. Ok tak tau lah kenapa I have this love for kambengs. Gila kambing agaknya.

Our first lesson today, macam besaaaa. Kalau new students masuk class, of course you need to come equipped with all the textbooks and stationaries, etc kan? Okay. For now, you will only need one tool. [Masuk semester 2 nanti baru kita upgrade lah hok?]

Before I introduce to you my very favourite thing to have on my lappytoppy or can I say, it's a must have *ahem ahem* SILA JANGAN GUNA INTERNET EXPLORER DAN PEGI DOWNLOAD MOZILLA FIREFOX SEKARANG JUGAK.

Paksa okay. Paksa. Terpaksaaaaa. T_T

If you already angkat sumpah dengan firefox, give yourself a pat on the back. *clap clap*

If you're wondering what the hell is Mozilla Firefox, okay. Here's a quickie. Apart from the normal usual click on Internet Explorer icon on your desktop to open up a browser for the internet, there are also other options for it. Such as Firefox is one and there's Opera, there's Safari mainly for Mac users and there's also the new google chrome which I don't really "feel" it, unlike Firefox.

If you are still on IE, please, switch to MF. I won't tell you why but you will feel the difference why. Don't worry alright, it's just another browser that performs better. In fact, most websites nowadays are MF based. Make a switch right now okays? Get out of your comfort zone and get into a much comfier one. Trust me.

You can download the latest Mozilla Firefox here okays! :)

*Scroll down and you can click on a green download now - FREE button*

But, if you have really sworn upon IE, oklah you win. Saya tak akan paksa. Maafkan saya. T_T

The next thing that you need to have is a super-quick tool that helps you to enhance your photos for your blog! YES! Forget photoshop. Forget even windows image editor. That sucks, big time.

I have always dread editing photos using my photoshop. Plus, the super many icons to click is rather tedious. Even the loading of the programme is quite a wait. [Hello, I don't have all day!]

Thanks to ChicsinRed, she introduced me to Photoscape! :) [If you're already a photoscape user, give yourself a pat on the back, again!]

Photoscape is a free photo editing software that enhance your photos instantly within just a few clicks!

You can have all kinds of super coolness frames,

Resize your images in a single click,

Crop your photos in whatever ways,

And even combine your photos like a pro!!!


Seriously, there's more to it of course!! Gone are the days that you need to spend a few minutes on a photo for enhancement, what not to worry how your photo looks on your blog.
Now all you need is photoscape!!! YEHAA!!

Have it seated at one corner in your desktop, play around with it if you wish to and in my next entry, I will show you how to edit your photos like a pro. Worites? :)

Till then vogue-u-ers! Nak kirimsalam kambing tak? Hehehehe.

*Images credit to www.webappers.com & www.photoscape.org respectively

Friday, June 26, 2009


Hello hello vogue-u, this week mama moralle will not be posting any recipe or cooking tips ya…. mama sedang dalam dilemma yg teruk, worst than Tsunami, so mama tundakan all those recipes first and I hv decided to post an entry about COOKING WITH LOVE N PASSION in the kitchen, be it with your love ones, yr kids, or whoever u think fits to be in the kitchen with you, its yr kitchen, you decide……..am I right???

Sharing foods with the family or yr love ones is probably one of the most important parts of daily life. Food has always brought people together. Whether a family is getting together for any occasions, food do helps bring people together and has always been a source of comfort.

with family....


But, people yearn for those comforts. They feel glad and happy when other people cook for them. That is why we have the saying, "The road to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Showing your man you care and love by cooking his favorite meal and serving can bring you both closer as it can be a touching gesture he cannot miss. Not everyone can be good cooks but even an attempt to cook to express your love for the person can go a long way in expressing your feelings. It is said that though you may not be able to make the best dishes but the love you add to it can make it delicisous……...

Every meal can be made special with some care and attention it makes the recipient special and cared for. There is nothing like cooking a wonderful meal and laying it out with affection to impress your man. You can make him completely dependant on you to satisfy his tastes especially if he himself is ignorant in cooking. It can also be great fun to share some beautiful moments cooking together and discovering new dishes which you both can relish. In today's life where cooking food and serving can be time consuming for someone who has a busy schedule, taking time out to do it can go along way in showing that you care.

Since love itself cannot be pictured materially,we must continue to cook for one another. It is one of the ultimate creational actions that humans can do, and it truly shows when we care for each other.

*pics credit to google images*

HAPPY WKENDS and stay vogue-u in mama M’s Kitchen :)