Monday, July 27, 2009

i LOVE mondays - DESIGN HOTELS : Fuzhon Resort

May Peace be upon YOU

: Shanghai, China
Style : Contemporary Asian

I was digging for material in my external hard drive to a post to write and found pictures that I took whilst I stayed in a resort in China couple years back.

It was a design retreat with my previous employer that brought me to Huangzhou, Shanghai in China. A 3 day event, we put up at Fuchun Resort. A collaboration of the INTERIORS design teams from Hongkong, Shanghai and Singapore.

Designed by Denniston International Architects & Planners, the resort is located on a 150 ha site between the mountains and the legendary Fuchun River south of Hangzhou. It comprises of a 18-hole golf course, a luxurious clubhouse and driving range, a 126 room 4-star hotel with comprehensive spa and a group of 48 luxurious residences with private pools.

Three hours southwest of Shanghai, Fuchun Resort is located in Hangzhou, among tea-covered hills. I was coming from Hongkong which took me a direct flight to Huangzhou via Dragonair

One could easily be fooled by the misty background of this town until you step out and could somehow smell the lingering pollution from the chemical industry park that adds to the damaging of the atmosphere and eco system. If you're sensitive to the slightest speck of dust like me, you can easily feel it in your throat and eyes.

Reception at the resort is very warm. From the greetings at the doorstep, checking in and guiding to your room, the service is friendly and professional.

I have to say, this resort is designed for privacy. Hallways and corridors are very dimly litted and if you're bad at directions like I am, its easy to lost your way as its like a labyrinth finding your way round.

If you're into golf, it is said that this China's finest international standard award winning 18 hole, 72 par golf course set amongst a working tea plantation, is one challenging range . For those who loves exercising and would like a stressful unwind activity, Tai Chi and Yoga are being conducted by the hotel's renowed Fuchun tai chi and Himalayan yoga masters.

The rooms are nicely fitted out to an Asian contemporary flair. Rooms are very spacious and you can probably play hide and seek if you want to. Alas, my Pato could not join me for this. There are several different layouts of the rooms in the resort but the interiors are fairly similar.

My eyes first laid on the bed. 4 pillows...!!! (Pearl needs minimum 4 pillows). Guess I don't have to do the request of pillow test. Since I was staying in the room by myself, it was sufficient. The resort hotel staff gave me tour of the room as well as using the amenities in the room itself which seems to be a standard procedure as I've checked with the rest. No tipping required.

For me in particular, I love the lounging area. With a good book, you can laze on the sofa and my room was overlooking the lake which was very calming I would say.

For those of you who loves large bathroom, this would be a haven. Two sets of basins so couples, you don't have to fight when you brush your teeth or when one is shaving whilst the other is doing facial. Plenty of room to maneuver. However the bathtub, if you think you can squeeze for 2, its worth the try.

Each room is provided with a CD player which comes with an Instrumental CD compilation of Asian flavoured lounge and chillout mood. Sold at the resort's gift shop, it makes a nice souvenir back home.

Featured in the SLH Spa book, the spa treatment is rendered by a group of Balinese girls that offered many types of massages, facials and baths. I'm not much of a massage gal but loves aromatherapy, scrubs and bath. So I had the "Hangzhou's Silk Cacoon" which consist of a body cleanse, body scrub, after which wrapped with rose petals with a red silk cloth and pretty much left you there for the next 15 mins and finished off with a shower.

Honestly speaking, nothing special considering their steep prices. The only thing I like about the spa treatment is the footscrub.

What I really love is sitting by the terrace. Sitting here in the mornings having breakfast was simply breathtaking. We had few discussions and brief meetings here and definitely less stressful.....

I would say, this is my favourite spot of the resort.

Food wise, it is a variety of Asian cuisine. From Indonesian fried rice to Singapore noodle to Phad Thai and even Japanese soba, its the typical selection of Asian food. I guess food is a subjective topic. Whilst some of us love the food, I couldn't say for myself. Very blend indeed.

However, the great company of merry makers made it all up. We had a blast till 2am in the morning !!

One thing that I did not try out in Fuchun Resort is the waveless pool for simple reason that - PEARL DON'T SWIM....

So, if you're in Shanghai and looking for a nice relaxing, pampering stay and for those golf lovers, Fuchun Resort may be a suitable getaway. Not for a family retreat with young children as you'll be entering a realm of pure boredom.

And no, not for Shopaholics either...........

So, been to China lately?

From your kawai designer - Pearl


♥cybermummy♥ said...

wahhh !!! best nya bila lah dapat gi sana. :D

rasp said...

OMG sis...looks like a superb retreat for a gud relaxation!

PearL said...

Cybemummy - it was great sis...minus the pollution ;)

Rasp - Yes, i was getting too comfortable during discussions..hehe