Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time out with Shopper mama - Budget Airlines

Hello ladies and gentlemen (I assume there are some men out there reading!)

Let’s discuss about traveling via budget airlines.

Honestly, I have never taken any budget airlines before, BUT, that doesn’t mean that I will NEVER TRY them!

There are quite a number of budget airlines in the region, to name a few 

Singapore has Jet Star, Tiger Airways and Valuair

oohh, I luv that tag line!

Malaysia has Firefly, Air Asia and Air Asia X

Indonesia has Mandala Air, Lion Air, latest is Batavia Air and many more

One main advantage of taking budget airline is their fares are lower than the premium regional airlines, thus they are also known as low cost carrier;

But they may charge for extras like food, priority boarding, seat allocating and baggage (thus they are also known as no-frills carrier) so we have to factor all these costs before deciding which would be the most suitable airline for us.

On the other hand, I have heard of some misgivings abt budget airlines that have put me off.  

  • For example, my top main peeve is flight cancellation – sometimes the passengers found this out only when they arrive at the airport to check-in.  And if there are no officers on stand-by to handle this (yes, I have read this incidents do happen from the media esp for this particular airline), the passengers are left scrambling looking for other alternatives.   

  •  Next is flight delay – this too, will just spoil anybody’s mood.  Imagine you are up and excited to leave on a 7 am flight, to be told that your flight has been delayed to 4 pm! It happened just last week to my niece for her Bangkok trip (again by the very same airline mentioned above - so that's it, I am so gonna strike this airline out!)  

  • Third would be safety of the carrier/plane – but so far, most airlines (whether budget or regional) must adhere to some safety standards, something I believe they will not compromise on, so this is not a big issue.

I wonder, have any of you tried taking budget airlines?  What was your experience like and your recommendations?

To me, as long as the plane can take us from point A to B safely and according to schedule, I would not mind giving these budget airlines a try.

Ok here I am going to be very thick-skin, pleading to AIR ASIA (since I have heard so many positive things about it)


Datuk  Seri Tony Francis Fernandes

Would you like to sponsor me and the Vogue-U gals a free flight to any destinations, preferably far far and further away from Singapore and Malaysia?  Ermmm, to London and/or Dubai would be nice and make our day! 

It will certainly be an awesome experience for us flying Air Asia!


Ps. This reminded me of a friend who had no choice but to take a budget airline.  He had a hearty big breakfast before he boarded that flight coz according to him – “This could be my very last meal!”  But worry not, he is safe and sound but sadly, that airline has already folded 3 years ago due to safety issues!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vogue-U Potion - Words To Live By

May Peace Be With You
Mak Pah wish to share with you some of these Words. I find some of the words quite invigorating while some are for our awareness....
Okay vogue-u-ers, enjoy these words which we will live by throughout our lives....

Live life to the fullest
Lots of Luv.... from Mak Pah

Monday, November 23, 2009

i LOVE mondays - Energy Spill : Conversation on Hijab

In the name of Almighty, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

A conversation between 2 Muslim sisters:

"I'm so tired."

"Tired of what?"

"Of all these people judging me."

"Who judged you?"

"Like that woman, every time I sit with her, she tells me to wear hijab."

"Oh, hijab and music! The mother of all topics!"

"Yeah! I listen to music without hijab…haha!"

"Maybe she was just giving you advice."

"I don't need her advice. I know my religion. Can`t she mind her own

"Maybe you misunderstood. She was just being nice."

"Keeping out of my business, that would be nice..."

"But it's her duty to encourage you do to good."

"Trust me. That was no encouragement. And what do you mean `good` ?"
"Well, wearing hijab, that would be a good thing to do."

"Says who?"

"It's in the Qur'an, isn't it?"

"Yes. She did quote me something."

"She said Surah Nur, and other places of the Qur'an."

"Yes, but it's not a big sin anyway. Helping people and praying is more

"True. But big things start with small things."

"That's a good point, but what you wear is not important. What's important
is to have a good healthy heart."

"What you wear is not important?"

"That's what I said."

"Then why do you spend an hour every morning fixing up?"

"What do you mean?"

"You spend money on cosmetics, not to mention all the time you spend on fixing your hair and low-carb dieting."


"So, your appearance IS important."

"No. I said wearing hijab is not an important thing in religion."

"If it's not an important thing in religion, why is it mentioned in the Holy Qur'an?"

"You know I can't follow all that's in Qur'an."

"You mean God tells you something to do, you disobey and then it's OK?"

"Yes. God is forgiving."

"God is forgiving to those who repent and do not repeat their mistakes."

"Says who?"

"Says the same book that tells you to cover."

"But I don't like hijab, it limits my freedom."

"But the lotions, lipsticks, mascara and other cosmetics set you free?! What`s your definition of freedom anyway?"

"Freedom is in doing whatever you like to do."

"No. Freedom is in doing the right thing, not in doing whatever we wish to do."

"Look! I've seen so many people who don't wear hijab and are nice people, and so many who wear hijab and are bad people."

"So what? There are people who are nice to you but are alcoholic. Should we all be alcoholics? You made a stupid point."

"I don't want to be an extremist or a fanatic. I'm OK the way I am without hijab."

"Then you are a secular fanatic. An extremist in disobeying God."

"You don't get it, if I wear hijab, who would marry me?!"

"So all these people with hijab never get married?!"

"Okay! What if I get married and my husband doesn't like it? And wants me to remove it?"

"What if your husband wants you to go out with him on a bank robbery?!"

"That's irrelevant, bank robbery is a crime."

"Disobeying your Creator is not a crime?"

"But then who would hire me?"

"A company that respects people for who they are."

"Not after 9-11"

"Yes. After 9-11. Don't you know about Hanan who just got into med school? And the other one, what was her name, the girl who always wore a white hijab…ummm…"


"Yes. Yasmeen. She just finished her MBA and is now interning for GE."

"Why do you reduce religion to a piece of cloth anyway?"

"Why do you reduce womanhood to high heals and lipstick colors?"

"You didn't answer my question."

"In fact, I did. Hijab is not just a piece of cloth. It is obeying God in a difficult environment. It is courage, faith in action, and true womanhood. But your short sleeves, tight pants…"

"That's called `fashion`, you live in a cave or
something? First of all, hijab was founded by men who wanted to control

"Really? I did not know men could control women by hijab."

"Yes. That's what it is."

"What about the women who fight their husbands to wear hijab? And women in France who are forced to remove their hijab by men? What do you say about that?"

"Well, that's different."

"What difference? The woman who asked you to wear hijab…she was a woman, right?"

"Right, but…"

"But fashions that are designed and promoted by male-dominated corporations, set you free? Men have no control on exposing women and using them as a commodity?! Give me a break!"

"Wait, let me finish, I was saying…"

"Saying what? You think that men control women by hijab?"


"Specifically how?"

"By telling women how and what to wear, dummy!"
"Doesn't TV, magazines and movies tell you what to wear, and how to be `attractive'?"

"Of course, it's fashion."

"Isn't that control? Pressuring you to wear what they want you to wear?"


"Not just controlling you, but also controlling the market."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you are told to look skinny and anorexic like that woman on the cover of the magazine, by men who design those magazines and sell those products."

"I don't get it. What does hijab have to do with products."

"It has everything to do with that. Don't you see? Hijab is a threat to consumerism, women who spend billions of dollars to look skinny and live by standards of fashion designed by men…and then here is Islam, saying trash all that nonsense and focus on your soul, not on your looks, and do not worry what men think of your looks."

"Like I don't have to buy hijab? Isn't hijab a product?"

"Yes, it is. It is a product that sets you free from male-dominated consumerism."

"Stop lecturing me! I WILL NOT WEAR HIJAB!
It is awkward, outdated, and totally not suitable for this society ... Moreover, I am only 20 and too young to wear hijab!"

"Fine. Say that to your Lord, when you face Him on Judgment Day."




"Shut up and I don't want to hear more about hijab niqab schmijab Punjab!"


She stared at the mirror, tired of arguing with herself all this time.

Successful enough, she managed to shut the voices in her head, with her own opinions triumphant in victory on the matter, and a final modern decision accepted by the society - but rejected by the Faith:

"Yes!" - to curls on the hair - "No!" - to hijab!
"And he (/she) is indeed a failure who corrupts it [the soul]!" [Holy Quran 91:10]


"Nay! You prefer the life of this world; While the hereafter is better and more lasting." [Holy Quran: 87:16-17]

"You are the best community (Ummah) raised up for (the benefit of) humanity; enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah."
[Holy Quran: 3:110]

Taken from

Pearl's Voice : An endless conversation that I myself often get into, with endless debate that has no ending. Coming from yours truly, someone, that has gone through these phases, the turmoil, the obligation, the condemnation - from a non-hijab wearer to a hijab wearer for 3 months and then decided to ditch the hijab. The choices some of us made became a measurement by the society. Those who persevere would cry out triumph, however, those who went otherwise, does it mean we are doom forever?

For now, I only have this to say, the choices I made, I will have to answer the consequences.......

Fi Amanillah - PearL

i LOVE mondays - Design Jobs @ Vogue U

May Peace Be Upon You

DJ @ Vogue U

IN Element Pte Ltd - singapore
Retail / Merchandise Industry
Senior Interior Designer
Closing date : 5 December 2009
Send resume to :

Application is open to Singaporeans, PR's & Malaysians Only.


  • Plan & design artistic, functional interiors by analysing clients' requirements and resources
  • Produce full colour plan and perspectives, material sample as well as mood boards for presentation
  • Able to manage projects from conceptualisation to completion independently
  • Prepare estimate cost of interior work
  • Coordinate with contractors, workers and building authorities
  • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein
  • Periodically inspect ID works for quality and timeliness


  • Diploma in Interior Design or equivalent is a must.
  • Min 5 Years & above of working experience in commercial interior environment.
  • Good in conceptualizing design, space planning, handling of project independently from conceptualisation to completion.
  • Excellent knowledge in Autocad, Photoshop, 3D Max design.
  • Strong in construction detailing drawings.
  • Able to meet tight deadlines
  • Possess good communication skills.
  • Pleasant personality with good integrity & strong sense of responsibilities.
the ID Dept Pte Ltd - singapore
Senior Interior Designer /Design Director
Closing date : 8 December 2009
Send resume to :


You will be taking on projects independently.
With due experience, you will also have the opportunity to lead a team of designers.

  • 4 to 6 years experience in Design & Build, Consultancy, Residential and Commercial Projects
  • Proficiency in AutoCad and 3D Max, manual drawing and detailing knowledge
  • Possess strong conceptualization skills and ability to produce hand drawn sketches
  • Independent worker with leadership qualities and project management skills
  • Possess leadership qualities to manage a team of designers
  • Only Singaporeans and Permanent Residents need apply.
  • Attractive Salary & Remuneration Package
  • Great Career Prospects
  • Fabulous Working Environment

iX Architects - singapore
Architectural Assistant / Technical Officers

Send resume to :

1. Architect
The Architect will form part of the iX Team in the conceptualisation, design and preparation for various architectural projects. A good degree in Architecture from a recognized institution is required, with minimum 2 years of relevant architectural practice. Prior experience is needed in using AutoCAD, PHOTOSHOP and other common multi-media softwares, in addition to proficiency in the local building regulations and submission procedures.

The Architect should possess good communication and presentation skills, with strong design concepts and efficient project management.

2. Technical Officer
The Technical Officer should be proficient in the preparation of working and presentation drawings, and have good knowledge of the local building regulations, codes and submission procedures. Relevant experience in the usage of AutoCAD, other multi-media software in architecture design and Microsoft Office Applications would be an advantage.

Minimum educational requirements are at least a Polytechnic Diploma, ITE or equivalent.

3. Part-time Assistance / Student Intern
Work with us and help us up on projects or part-time basis. Flexible working hours. Write to us to find out more.

refer to list below
visit website to apply. Click here

Senior Interior Designer (Melbourne) 1 position

3D Visualizer 1 position
Design Director - Architecture 1 position
FF&E Designer 1 position
Senior Interior Designer 1 position

Managing Director 1 position
Senior Interior Designer 1 position

hong kong
Senior CAD Operator 1 position

Accountant 1 position
Architect (Registered) 1 position
Business Development Manager 1 position
Interior Designer 1 position
Marketing Executive 1 position
Office Manager 1 position
Quality Manager 1 position
Receptionist 1 position
Secretary 1 position
Senior Interior Designer 1 position

CAD Manager 1 position
Design Director - Workplace 1 position
Senior CAD Operator 1 position
Senior Interior Designer - Workplace 1 position

CAD Operator (Banking & Finance) 1 position
Senior Interior Designer (Banking & Finance) 1 position

Interior Designer (Hospitality) 2 positions

Design Director - Architecture 1 position
Senior Architect 1 position
Senior Interior Designer - Hospitality 1 position

Good luck and best wishes from your "kawaii" designer!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time out with Shopper Mama - First job!

They say MONEY makes the world goes around. So unless you are born with a gold, silver or diamond spoon in yr mouth, then we really have to work and slog hard to see us thru life.

Last night, I had a company bbq dinner at Seoul Garden @ City Square Mall near Mustafa Centre. (Digress a bit - Seoul Garden @ City Square is having a 1-for-1 offer on its ala carte buffet from Mondays to Thursdays till end of November for lunch and dinner, so its really worth to go as its like 'Get 2 for the price of 1'! We Singaporeans love such offers right?)

Back to topic. So I observed that the waiters are mainly teenagers, some look as young as 16 years old - still nervously learning on the job as they were taught how to stack up the plates & bowls on the tray etc. I figured that was probably their first vacation job since the school hols has started. Then it really made me think back what was my very first vacation job?

When I was abt 17 years old, instead of me staying at home enjoying a pampered sheltered life not knowing what’s a working world was like, I took my my cousin's recommendation to work as a temporary promoter selling Johnson’s & Johnson’s baby products at a small counter in Oriental Emporium (now no longer existed) at Queensway Shopping Centre.

Naturally I was scared nervous and not enthusiastic at the same time
– meeting people & promoting stuff. Some more, its based on commission – the more I sell the more $$ I get, so I was kinda worried, what if I cant sell any. Luckily for me, J & J baby products are sort of a basic daily needs, so I had no problems selling talcum powder, lotions shampoo etc especially to the mothers. Some of them even taught me which powder (plain or medicated) was better for babies and some also explained to me the use for the different types of baby lotion and oil.

One funny incident I encountered which I will never forget was this man who went to my counter, asking for a ‘Napkin Liner’. I didn’t know what it was, so based on the word 'liner', I showed him the shelf that had women’s sanitary pads & panty liner. He was taken aback at my stupidity blurness. Luckily he was a nice guy, he told me, ‘You know, the malays called it Lampin, the cloth version of baby pampers, not women pampers?’ Oh, paiseh!! I apologized & told him that its my first job, so I was still learning. I took out the 'lampins' & this pakcik, kesian punya pasal, bought 3 dozens from me plus more J & J baby stuff. Woohoo, more commission for me!

So in fact, the job was not a bad experience for me after all. Even thou I worked for only 1 month plus, it was a truly humbling experience. My commission was abt $500 I think (that was 23 years ago, so it was big money to me), and I felt that I have spent a very fulfilling time earning the money. And of course, Mother was happy when I handed her my very first pay packet!

For teenagers, taking up a job can be very daunting but I assure, it is a very good learning process for you. It might surprise some of you that my FM started doing any odd jobs available since he was 14 years old, young and eager to learn the different types of trade.

As such, we need not be ashamed being seen working in McDonalds KFC or Pizza Hut (which seems to be a very common vacation job for these school going kids nowadays) as long as our intention is to earn money to support yourself and help your parents lighten up the burden.

So, can you remember what was your very FIRST job? What did you like or hate about it? What did you learn from it?

Last but not least, a piece of advice to the youngsters out there - Don't forget to give your parents your first salary - BERKAT, I tell you.

ps. My dearest son F, are you reading this?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vogue-U Potion - Where Are We Now?

May Allah Bless Us All…

Some of you may have come across the under-mentioned comic. Nevertheless I found the conversation quite true though. It may seem funny but yet it really has an impact in our daily life.

Smooth roads never make good drivers
Smooth sea never makes good sailors
Clear Skies never make good Pilots
Problem and hassle free Life NEVER makes a strong person
Be Strong enough to accept the challenges of Life
Don't ask Life, 'Why Me?’ Instead say 'Try Me!'

Wow..... It makes us ponder and wonder sometimes we don’t like something but yet we ended up doing or got involved somehow or another. We questioned about fairness, about being jinx, about consequences, about do’s and don’ts and many more.

I guessed most of us are adaptable and able to accept and adopt whatever challenges that made us survive all this while.

Well let’s not be subjective and try to enjoy life to the fullest and probably we’ll be able to achieve, if not all, at least some of our goals. Try to do the best but never go beyond our limits. I think we need to look at things in different angles and put ourselves in somebody’s shoes and see their point of view as well.

So vogue-u-ers, always think positive and be yourself as much as possible. Each one of us is unique, so love ourselves as much as possible too….
Luv from Mak Pah..... cheerio….muacks muacks.

Monday, November 16, 2009

i LOVE mondays - Design Guide : Graphic Me Up!

May Peace Be Upon You

I am so in love with this stuff. A fantastic way to spruce up that old boring wall and mind you, it's easier to install. Much cleaner that putting up wallpaper and less costly too.

I'm not sure if you belong to this genre. Remember Kalkitos (just can't remember what's the correct spelling) but this is like doing it full size wall...! Well, almost.....

Basically its a vinyl sticker that you easily install it on the walls. You can either do-it-yourself or some of these suppliers are able to help you with the installation.

Its a perfect alternative to make that wall a WOW statement with minimal effort and definitely a huge cost saving! Plus, if you're tired of it, you can easily peel it off....

There are several brands that you could find these fabulous decals.

One of it is Decorette Wall Decals, originally from Melbourne, Australia and now is available in this little red dot - Singapore.

Another which I had previously use before for a charity project with Make A Wish is WINK. This room belongs to the little sister of a terminally ill boy with leukemia, who is in love with Princesses and Pink! I think it may be after doing this room that I started to make peace with the colour pink....;)

One blogger that had creatively transform her room using similar technique is Gila Shisha aka Matox. A simple paste on job makes this dull room re-born with life.

These graphic stickers are not only suitable for residential use but also fit for the workplace. Now those long boring corridors can easily be turn into an art wall without damaging the walls. I know many building landlords are fussy with having their common corridors being "attack" by designers but this may be a good solution for starters.

And you can also find it at IKEA too. Limited range but probably more accessible for you to start this project.

So go and Graphic Up your walls! Have fun...For those who have done similar projects why not share your photos and let us know where did you get them.

Lovingly from your "kawaii" designer