Thursday, July 2, 2009

La Dolce Vita: Have you done the wave??

I promised an entry on removing blackheads this week but I'm a little handicapped as my hdd crashed and currently operating on the iPhone. Thank god for the iPhone! Sorry Mrs G! Promise will put up that entry next week.

Now have you tried the WAVE yet? No not the Singapore wave but Neutrogena wave. A nifty little gadget I tell you.

It helps to clean your skin thoroughly. So simple and easy to use. Stick the pad that's infused with facial cleanser on the gadget. There's a little button you press to switch it on and it emits little vibrations. Wet the pad and apply to your face, cleaning your face using little circular motions. Wa lah!! Clean smooth skin in just minutes. You can see the results after the first try.

I almost didn't get it because it's pink!!! Hello Neutrogena, can you dun be so biased and gender specific like that? Maybe men wanna use this and gets turned off with the colour. I know if they released this in other colours, I will not hesitate to get it!

Try it yo! Let's do the wave!!

P.s: super short entry I know but I promise to share some goodies from Boots next week. Love love!

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Otak Belacan said...

Dayyymmmmnnn! I'm missing out the good things in life. Ada mende yang buleh tolong cucikan muka saya rupanya. Oh man.

Guardian? Watson? eh? Eh? Expensive tak?

PearL said...

Babe, you tried this!!..I saw this at Watson and was soooo tempted gitu..And big pat for having that pink :)..hehe
Oklah nak try ni..


♥cybermummy♥ said...

waaahhhh !!!! best lah ..Save my $$$ ..Tak yah gi facial selalu :P

Shopaholic Mama said...

woooi PINK! I like!

I wanted to give it a try too when it first came out but I was waiting for the price to go down .....hahahah

Blushwax said...

Nadh - both guardian and Watson pun adA. Er....can't remember how much. Think that time intro price was ard $20. Refill can buy separately when pads tu dah habis.

Pearl - try it Kak in! Pink.....heh.

Cybermummy - yeah! I dun use this everyday but I use it when I exfoliate my face twice a week. Just tambahkan the facial scrub on the pad and ok go!

Kak Ann - now watson's Ada sale kan? Grab lah apa lagi? Hehe. But like I said, I prefer using this with my facial scrub. Baru mcm puas hati gitu. For everyday just use normal facial wash je. I dun use the wave.

Moralle said...

wah great, nampak gak at watson, but tak keen sangat, now i m going to buy it,hehe.....

Blushwax said...

Kak mar, watson's selling at $17.40 now. According to Kak Ann.

strawberi said...
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strawberi said...

waa..bestnya...nnt leh la letak video lak..cara nk guna..hehe

tq for sharing

Ummi Lily... said...

Hello Sis,

Waaaaah... Mcm interesting gitu kan the "WAVE" thingy... Nk try la...

Thks for de tip!! =)