Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vogue-U Potion - Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

May Peace Be With You....

The Marina Bay Sands....... well most of us have heard about this popular hotel and it's casino resort even before it is built. The enormous hotel, which dominates the Singapore skyline, has 2,560 rooms and suites, a fleet of celebrity chef restaurants, shopping areas, theatres, a museum, a casino and a crystal pavilion.
Since I have some photos sent to me via email by a friend, I guess I'll share them with you to view.

The Marina Bay Sands Resort - photo taken from across the bay. According to the designer, Moshe Safdie, the three towers were based on a deck of cards

The view over the side: An artist's impression shows the Skypark that tops the Marina Bay Sands hotel towers, including the infinity pool

The Infinity Pool... and beyond! The pool stretches 150 metres, three times the length of an Olympic swimming pool.
Infinity pools are designed to make it seem as though the water extends to the horizon. In reality, the edge of the pool is usually about an inch below the water level. The water therefore spills over the edge into a catchment below, and is then pumped back into the pool. The concept is said to have been inspired by the terraced rice paddies in Bali, Indonesia..... hmmmm creative indeed!

A guest swims in the infinity pool of the Skypark that tops the Marina Bay Sands hotel towers - 55 stories over the city of Singapore.... oooooo I can't imagine swimming to the edge of this pool..... OMG!

A skydiver parachutes pass the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands casino resort as part of the venue's opening celebrations

The opening celebrations also featured a death-defying relay. Seven teams of three participants each scaled the three towers in succession before sprinting across the 340-metre long Sands SkyPark, where the infinity pool is located, to the finish line.
By the way..... do you dare to be the window cleaners??? It's 55 stories high!!!!!

Romantic moment - a newly-wed couple enjoy a canal ride inside the resort's shopping centre

A man looks through a steel web art structure in one of the towers... hmmm design looks complicated but unique...

Last but not least the Casino..... the entrance to the casino, which is attracting 25,000 visitors each day

Maybe can plan for a chill out moment in Marina Bay Sands..... or for those married couples, probably a honeymoon within the country!!!!
Lots of Luv..... Mak Pah

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vogue-U Potion - Art of Chinese Words

May Peace Be With You.....

My cousin forwarded the under-mentioned sometime ago. Wanted to post for sometime but was too busy until I forgot totally about them.

Looking at them, I realised how wide one's creative mind works, anything can be a form of art....... and the source can be very universal.

So Enjoy.......

In another perspective, Mak Pah sees the morale behind art is that it teaches us to be more versatile and expand our creativity in life......
Lots of Luv.... Mak Pah

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vogue-U Potion - Chilling Out with the Bee

May Peace Be With You.....
Pearl-VU shared this joke with me and thought would also be a good segment to chill out once in a while...... Enjoy.........

Well one day, a man was driving down the road and ran out of gas. Just at that moment, a bee flew in his window.

The bee asked, 'What seems to be the problem?'
'I'm out of gas,' the man replied.
The bee told the man to wait right there and flew away. Minutes later, the man watched as an entire swarm of bees flew to his car and into his gas tank. After a few minutes, the bees flew out.

'Try it now,' said one bee.
The man turned the ignition key and the car started right up.
'Wow!' the man exclaimed, 'what did you put in my gas tank?'

The bee answered............,

'Bee Pee...'
OK..... I see some of you smiling :)
Have a great day all!!

Lots of luv...... Mak Pah