Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vogue U Quicktips: Household Items = Extraordinary uses?

As I was doing my random-'pointless'-surfing-of-the-internet routine, I stumbled upon a great site that shares 16 great facts on household items that are been put to other means of usage. It was pretty awesome cos as I was reading, I went 'oooo' and 'ahhhhh', like that. Hehe.

Well, my routine today wasn't really that pointless ey? :p

A bit from the website here:

1) Toothpaste

* To remove crayon marks. Walls are like drawing papers to kids right. Hehehe. What you can do is to squirt a small amount of toothpaste and rub it against the wall with a soft cloth, then rinse with warm water.
* Deodorize hands. You can wash your hands with toothpaste if you can't get rid of whatever smell that stinks on it. Lol. I wonder if it works on tumeric? Hmmm.

2) Nail polish

* Secure a screw. Helps to tighten a loose screw. [?] Maybe I should go find a screw that is 'on the loose' and try this. Lol.
* Stop tarnish. Keep costume jewelery from turning black.
* Smooth a hanger. You can actually smooth out the rough edges of your hanger by using nail polish. Now how cool is that?

3) Cornstarch

* Get cooking grease of the wall. Just need to rub it with a cloth. A bit of hardwork I guess.
* Freshen your feet. It absorbs moisture and help to prevent blister. Erk. 0_o
* Detangle a knot. Stubborn knots like shoelaces, strings, chain necklaces, etc. [I am super curious about this lah!]

4) Salt

* Clean a greasy pan. A little salt before washing will help to absorb most of the grease.
* Remove water marks from wood surfaces. Aha! Mix salt and cooking oil and clean it with a sponge. I am so gonna try this. I belong to the anti-water-mark-on-wood-surfaces-clan you see. T_T

That's just some I find it useful, well for me. Hehe. More on this HERE.

If you have some other interesting tips similar to this, sharing is caring you know. =p


rasp said...

thx for these helpful tips!