Thursday, June 11, 2009


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Today, the power of Internet and technology has affected us in many if not some little ways in our everyday life. And the world of Blogging is not new to many as in the world of Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Multiply and in the words of Yul Brynner – etc, etc, etc... these incidentally has become another identity of a person in any introduction.

And of course along the way, you will make virtual friends or for some, virtual lovers and how many times have you heard stories of internet love blossoming into reality marriages? Such news is no longer uncommon. Yes, and not forgetting the not so happy ending to some. But for now, let's focus on happy thoughts...

Anyways, the world of blogging had made us, 6 individuals paths, crossed into what once was a virtual connection either as faithful commentators or just a silent reader, into a face to a name and later a reality friendship. And whilst all these 6 individual came from different lifestyle, different generation, different status and different backgrounds, we all came together with one common interest – sharing our love to blogging with each of our passion.

And who would expect that 6 individuals so far had came together in several occasions – became hosts to other bloggers that visited this little red dot and even manage to do our maiden all-day girls trip. Although some instances that we may not be able to have all of us in an activity, the power of MMS and emails does the magic.

So when the idea sprung to have a shared blog between us 6, it was an immediate consensus YES by everyone; effortlessly.

Thus Vogue U is born.. Why Vogue U some may ask? Well, more on that in another post ya? :)

So, who are these 6 Vogue U babes? Most are familiar faces and familiar pen names in the Blogger world either as a blogger or a reader but we came with our own uniqueness.

Nadh aka Otak Belacan
Really the brainchild of Vogue U. Having her own blog name Otak Belacan, Nadh is a talented and expressive writer. Her tech-savvy skills shines in her creativity in her blog designs and her no nonsense to intolerable imbecile just makes her such a character with a zest! Her contributions in Vogue U would focus on organizing Vogue U activities and all operational management of the blog and whatever Vogue U expands to!

Some know her as Raf or by her pen name Blushwax. Previously a teacher with MOE (Ministry of Education) Raf balance her time now tutoring, blogging, homemaking and doing all other girly stuff with stride! Her intelligence provides knowledge not only in the education world but encourages healthy living and looking all good. A walking encyclopedia, gone are the days where we have to open those thick encyclopedias, we have a BABELICIOUS with BRAINS now! Her contribution on enriching knowledge + beauty tips will definitely be the talk of the town.

Shopaholic Mama
Its not just about shopping but SHOPPING SMARTLY – where are the best bargains of the highs and the lows of the brands and the heartlander? Her own blog called has already given many great useful tips in the shopping land.. Now in Vogue U, she is unstoppable! Look out, she may just be in that latest store finding the latest discounts or even in your neighbouring local markets, bargaining that packet of taugeh! Now that's what you call PMS - Psychotic Mad Shopper. Are you?

Her top notch cooking skills would keep readers drooling in front of their screens…Her “asam garam” knowledge does not only evolve around the kitchen but also her “asam garam” in life creates that magnificent FLAVOUR. Her personal blog about her everyday notion in life is now enhanced by her presence in Vogue U where she really blogs about her passion!

Mak Pah Vogue
This is the HEART of Vogue U! LOVE, PASSION & COMPASSION… Her presence provides solace to readers who wants to find comfort, a shoulder to cry on, someone to make a laugh or perhaps a virtual friend to “talk” to of woes and issues, finding opinions or even just guidance in our everyday life. Simply said, Mak Pah provides the intangible “LOVE PILL” that makes readers find closure with VogueU. Previously a blog reader, Mak Pah takes a stab in blogging with Vogue U which we think will entice you in her every word!

Some may find her familiar in her past blogging life. Coming out of a sabatical break in blogging, Pearl is back with her forever-loved trademark, 'kawainess'! With her design background, she provides help and guidance to those looking for innovative solutions in space planning, interior woes, dealing with difficult suppliers and contractors and the design movement. Information on humanitarian works and motivational agendas mirrors VU’s motto -

It's about yoU, Us, United.

Vogue U is not about mindless material goods or competing my life is better than yours or condemning subjects blogging. Its about SHARING all of our knowledge & passion that we love and like to post with others in a positive possible way in all area which we hope would bring you in so much goodness, laughter and vouge-ness!

We hope with Vogue U existence in the blogging world, your everyday would not be in complete vogueness without dropping by even just to say Hello…. because YOU are the reason Vogue U exist! :)

With love from the Vogue U babes,

Nadh.Raf.Shopaholic mama.Moralle.Mak Pah Vogue.Pearl

"Sesungguhnya Allah jualah Yang Menguasai segala alam langit dan bumi; Dia menghidupkan dan mematikan dan tidaklah ada bagi kamu selain dari Allah sesiapa pun yang menjadi pelindung dan juga yang menjadi penolong."
Al Tawbah Ayat 116 : Surah 9


Red Mummy said...

kiss to all of you!

Queen of Red said...

ni 2nd time anto comment nih


mana riben merah?
tadi suh orang launch

red carpet pun tarak kah?

sentap kannggg!!

datang dr jauh all the way from VA
nan ado sambutan to me?


Shopaholic Mama said...

J.A.I.H.O. - May victory be ours, InsyaAllah!

Perhaps we should learn & dance the Pussycat Dolls way too!

Moralle said...

alhamdulillah....gempaq, nanti wen me n nad dah terror merror, we will teach u all yer, hehe....

Mr & Mrs MonDoK said...

.:: Congratulations!!! ::.

Mrs LVoe said...

Gorgeous :-)

rasp said...

kudos to all!!

Gembo said...

Mrs G: Kak Pah and Pearl too! Congrats! Will link in Gembo blogspot (Mr G.....?)

Blushwax said...

Big shout out to the we are!!! Hehe.

Kak Ann, nak banghra? Eeks....leave me out. Haha.

cik syahira said...


hi sy syahira.
ok dah follow yeayy!
do keep in touch yer..

MummyMyra said...


looking forward....

metalrizca said...


welkam aboard..
jangan lupa pakai seatbelt..
kapal terbang akan berlepas dalam masa 15 minit lagi..

skarang dah team-up,
sure ada macam2 cerita..

~Eila @ Along~ said...

wahh..vogue?? i like..hehe...

Gembo said...

tahniah sisters!

Dear Mrs G, Abang dah linked dah :)

Mr G

Vogue U said...




Wati Basri said...

Congrats girls for this blog!!!
Special shout out to my cuz kawaiiii Pearl....hugs