Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vogue-U Potion - 2, 4 or 6???

May Peace Be With You……

Dear Vogue-u-ers, happy Tuesday morning.

Haha, Mak Pah is back to “blabber” again today. There is 1 scenario which really made me laughed and yet pissed off a bit too…. huhu…. Without further ado let me begin…… jeng jeng jeng.

Many weeks before, Mak Pah accompanied my hubby to revise his papers for his exams in a 24-hr KFC restaurant in JB. Well it’s a payback sort kind of thing….. (he used to accompany Mak Pah to revise my papers for exam as well many many years back in Changi Airport).

Obviously being in a 24-hr restaurant, you tend to see traffic of people coming for suppers on and off after midnight. Then at around 1 or 2 am, I started yawning due to boredom…..huhu. I asked hubby how long more and he claimed maybe another 1 hr or so…… OMG, then started blabbering to myself…. We should have checked-in a hotel, so at least you continued your revision and I could solely be in dreamland…muahahahahaha”. My hubby remarked, If you want to sleep, nah take the car key and sleep in the car”. I dared not sleep alone in the car even if he could still monitor me while doing the revision in the restaurant. So I just sat there and continued to play the hp games and surfed the internet.

Then I began to feel bored again!!!!! And in order to kill my boredom, I began scrutinizing the restaurant and analyzed the deco and other customers. There was a group of 4 guys in one corner busy eating. At the counter, there were 2 groups, an Indian couple and behind them a group of 3 Chinese ladies. As I was “admiring” the deco in the restaurant, then I noticed 1 of the Chinese ladies, went round the restaurant to look for a cosy corner for them to tuck in, while the other 2 ladies still at the counter ordering the food. Suddenly I noticed something very funny about the lady going round the so called “almost empty restaurant” and then stopped at a 2-seater table. She stood there a while and was contemplating on which table to sit. She went to another 2-seater table and took a chair and put it together with the 2-seater she finally chose. I was wondering, there were 3 of them and there were 4-seater tables and 6-seater tables available, and what the heck was she choosing the cramp 2-seater table to share with her other 2 friends???

True enough my hunch was correct, when her other 2 friends came and told her it’s cramp!!!! She stood up without putting back the chair she took from the other table and followed her friends to a 4-seater table adjacent to my table. And then the funny part was, it seemed she didn’t like the table and suggested to her friends to move to a 6-seater table instead. At this point of time I was about to laugh out loud, but refrained myself, when I saw her standing up looking for the chilly sauce bottle. She took a bottle and shook it like nobody’s business until the bottle cover popped up and fell to the floor and making the sound “pip pap pip pip pap pap pap” and rolled under their table. She didn’t bother to pick up the cover and just sat and poured the sauce over her plate. One of her friend knelt down under the table to pick up the cover instead. I couldn’t stand her attitude, knocked my forehead and blabbered OMG, what a foolish and selfish person this is!!!!!”.

My hubby who was so engrossed at his revision looked up and asked What is it now???? What do you want????”. Obviously I did not want to disturb his concentration and just told him nothing was wrong and that I was just blabbering to myself.

So to conclude my point here is that, sometimes we didn’t realize that our action and attitude in public can forecast what type of a person we reflect….. Yes, I agreed that it is not wrong being yourself, however there are certain etiquettes which we need to be aware of. We need to respect others and remember this world is shared by many others as well. There is no point being self-centered and rude. Life is so short and should be cherished till the end.

So luv yourself and respect others…… n stay vogue all the time…


♥cybermummy♥ said...

yeah !!! I truly agreed with u mak pah ... had some bad xperience with some selfish B***h .They sometimes think that they own the world. They just do whatever that make them happy without a second thought for others . Damn !!!

rasp said...

So true sis...

but kinda funny gak bila ur hubby thought you were commenting on 'ur situation' hehehehehe

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum kak pah.

serius memalukan je diorang tu.
even tempat tu public like who cares la nak buat apa pun but still jaga la tingkah laku n adab sopan.
tp kan kak pah..
best gak ek ddk-ddk sambil tgk perangai org.
macam-macam ragam.

Mak Pah Vogue said...

Hi hi hi....,

cybermummy - it really is beyond our control and the worst part is they felt they r in control... damn sickening hah.

rasp - haha.... after we went out of KFC, I told him the truth and it became our discussion while on the way to "Pasar Tani" in Gelang Patah...huhu

cik syahira - ya betul tu.... mmg kita ada hak buat apa kita suka tapi ditempat awam, sepatutnya lebih berhemah lah kan... kesian budak yg kemas the restaurant, kena lap lagi meja, kena atur semula kerusi, kena mop semula lantai yg tertumpah sos cili tu.... mmg itu kerja dia tapi tak semestinya kita jadikan dia hamba.... mmg sungguh memalukan dan tidak beradab langsung....

thks for the comments dear.... luv u.... n stay vogue ya.... muacks

Dee said...

huhuhu..some people..no manners..no respect..

KaNdRyXx gLaMaZoNs said...

Hi MaK PaH...
sTiLL ReMeMbEr Me?

KeNapaLaH Dia DaNGaT JuaL iKaN (SeLfiSh) eK?
BuKaNnYa SusaH Pon NaK ALiHkan BaLik KeRuSi iTtEw.
apaTaH LaGi PeNuTuP BoToL iTtEw.
KalaULaH Tiba-Tiba DiA TeRLanGgaR BoToL SoS iTtEw tHeN TuMPaH Kat BaJu DiA BaRu MeRaSa Kann?

Blushwax said...

This is a common occurence nowadays.......sadly.

Mak Pah Vogue said...

yo hi all,

Dee - ya lor some ppl.... no respect at all.

Kandryxx - mana boleh lupa u dear bro..... bila nak jumpa lagik eh....

Blushwax - yup very sad indeed....