Monday, August 31, 2009

i LOVE mondays - Energy Spill : Your birth day

May Peace be Upon You

Ever wonder the meaning of the day you were born? I did this in Facebook couple days back and its just amazing how'd they describe your character to the day you were born. Now, I don't know how genuine the descriptions are but hey, it's Monday........ so give yourself a fight that Monday blues some have...

If you do not know which day you were born on, just do the calculation on Facebook

Your's truly is a Friday's child......... So, what are you?

xoxo -Pearl


Nad (Otak Belacan) said...

Saya anak Saturday. Wuwuwu. Macam gini tatak in dah have to change slot to Friday ni. Kekekeke.

Nad, maintain. Saturday jugaaaaa. :p

PearL said...

Oh cannot touch Friday...tat's Mama's Moralle TGIF programme tu...Saya tak nak jadi anak durhaka...wakakkakakah...takkkkuuuttttt


Moralle said...

hrmmmmmmm patutlah mama tersedak-sedak ni........ngumpat sini kah, haha.......saper nak jadi durhaka kepada mamanyer, silakan, biar saya sumpah jadi batu selembat, haha...wat is mine ek???

Moralle said...
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Mak Pah Vogue said...

i think mine is on a Wednesday...sooooo. Eeerrrmmmm huhu

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum sis pearl.

yeayy.. sy adalah wednesday baby :)

PearL said...

Wah mak pah and Cik Syahira same same lah - Faithful friends!!!

Mama Moralle - ye mama, tak sanggup nak lawan cakap mama...tak sanggup kena sumpah jadi batu selembat..kena lambung lambung..hahaha