Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Geek Chic 101 [Stats? What stats? 36-24-34?]

Selamat bertemu kembali dalam racangan.. *tuk-tuk* Ketuk-ketuk Ramadan! Aceh ceh ceh. Lol. Did anyone watch this cooking show? I just love that lady lah.

Alrights, for today's iftar menu, we will be having website statistics, not body stats hok. :p

For our Vogue U blog, we are currently using to keep track of our stats. On a personal recommendation, I have tried quite a number of web stats freeware and nothing can compare with what Statcounter has to offer. Anyway, I've really got a lot to talk about web stats, but I'll just share the importance of having a counter for your blog/website first.

Let's see how a Statcounter works.

Some of you might probably have a counter on your blog/site only for you to see the number of hits you can get on your site. That defeats the purpose of having a stats counter in the first place! Well, I'm not say it's wrong.. Of course you need the hits, but why? Right?

So here are some of the things you can analyze when you have a web stats on your blog.

  • How many people visited your site?
  • What are the keywords they used to get there?
  • How often they come back?
  • What pages are looked at?
  • Which pages aren't looked at?
  • Which search engines they came from?
And the list goes on...

[Click to enlarge image]

Recently, Vogue U have been receiving a lot of hits because of the recipes. So mama Moralle, recipe berbuka, can double up tak? Hehehe. The analysis goes there you see? Means you know people are looking for recipes this fasting month and that's how its gonna help you to generate more hits and make your blog/site a success. [So far no RA or 18sx keywords. :p]

**Note: This is where "LABELS" plays an important role. All the labels acts as keywords to users when they google for it. So be sure to add the correct and common labels so that the search engine can list your blog/site as the returned results for users.

Do you know?
The platform you use also will affect your hits? You see, is under Google, so its like, "Who's under me will get listed most" kinda thingy. It works that way. [Politics eh? Lol..] You can try to do a search and see for yourself. I'm sure most of us uses google nowadays. :)

Another thing I love about Statcounter is that they provide a blocking cookie for your blog. Blocking cookie here means they won't log your own visits, [also to say, don't get excited for nothing when you see high hits when it's only coming from you alone. :p]

That's a tiny wee bit of sharing about having a stats counter for your blog. Similarly, it's like doing a survey for your own shop. Who wouldn't want the hits ey?

If you are gunning for victory for your own blog/site, start having one today with!

Toodles everyone! Happy stats-ing!


Blushwax said...

Cher! Cher! I like your lesson today ah. coolness.

PearL said...

Hey dahling! Good info i understand the use of it... cool!


NiQue said...

Salam..tumpang lalu....
nice blog n nice info...thanks sgt sb dpt byk info kat log ni....

Mak Pah Vogue said...

huhu Nadh good info.... tapi as usual ler mak pah ni bukan IT savvy.... nanti siap bila sangkut jer terus jerit..."nadhhhhh.... help!!!!"