Saturday, August 15, 2009

VOGUE U Photohunt - Subject : Artificial

Since Pearl got time today, she thought of contributing something to PHOTOHUNT. Looking around at home, she found the peeerrrr-fect picture for today's subject.

Several ARTIFICIAL roses that's made of tea towels. These are actually the door gifts from her Aunt Lala's son wedding last year. They sure last for a long long time.... ;)

Have a great weekend all!

With love from the Vogue U Girls


Life Ramblings said...

what a creative idea to have those flowers made of tea towels. happy weekend.:)

Carver said...

Those are very attractive. Great idea for the theme.

ipanema said...

love the colours! thanks for the visit. :)

CherryPie said...

Those are really unusual :-)

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Yes, they do last longer than the real ones, don;t they. Clever idea!

jmb said...

Great choice for the theme. And a practical gift you have there too.

Happy weekend to you