Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time out with Shopper Mama - Heel kill me!!


Women love them! And I know, I of our VU gals - Raf lives in them!

Even thou I love shoes, I wont spend a bomb on them, as much as I'd do for a bag! The maximum I'd pay for a pair of shoes would be $50, itupun I tunggu Vincci sales in JB whereby Id grab 3 or more pairs at a go!

I have my own set of shoes for different occasions. For example, for work, I am more comfortable wearing low wedges; sandals for outings, Crocs slippers for holidays & heels max 2.5 inch for weddings or dinner events.

For heeled shoes, anything higher than 2.5 inch, I will definitely topple & tumble down unless I freeze my position, just stay put & not move at all!

As I was flipping thru the 'Simply Her' mag, I came across some pics of very nice heeled shoes & I wished I could really wear them but I know, my feet would scream MURDER at me if I do!

So let's take a look & see what’s your type of heels.

Fancy a Christian Louboutin? Its S$ 1950! Aduh mak, belum pakai dah rasa sakit ....

Wedges - Ok I love wedges but these are waaayyy tooo high for me actually, thou I like no. 4 the best!

Mid low heels - I like nos. 1 & 3, thou I cant wear them!

Stacked heels - Hmm, no. 1 is good if I need to hit someone but I'll take no. 5 as I prefer open-toe & slip-in shoes!

Platform heels - I know I wont wear any of these but just for fun, I like no. 1 - mcm WILD gitu kan gals :)

Here are some quick and easy foot-relaxing moves to ease the discomfort: -

  • Soak your feet in warm water & massage them gently as this improves the blood circulation & help with muscle soreness & fatigue from wearing high heels;

  • To walk comfortably in high heels, strengthen yr leg muscles & do simple core exercise like bending / flexing yr calf, heel and foot, 3 times a week. This also helps with back and knee pain;

  • Do some toe exercises to increase blood circulation - spend few minutes stretching your toes; spread them as far as possible, then relax.

* Tips taken from 'Simply Her'

To end this shoe entry, there is this quote - "Always wear expensive shoes. People notice!"

Errr sorry lah, I beg to differ but Raf sure agree 200%!

Aarrrrggghh, I think I need buy THAT bag!!


Blushwax said...

Shoes!!! Ok...dun need to wear expensive shoes all the time lah. Hehe. But I do agree that shoes do make an without the right shoes, the look won't be complete. Tip to wear high high heels? Always use gel ball / heel pads with your high heels. It totally eases off the pain. serious. U should try.

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum mama.

in fatc i agree to wear expensive one if if if.. baik utk kesihatan kaki.

otherwise.. murah-murah pun ok jika pandai menggayakannya.


sy pernah pakai 3 inch berjalan dari pg-mlm di klcc. phewww!! menangis.. hu2x

PearL said...

mahal ke has to be HEELS and adik beradik HEELS....hehehe


rasp said...

comfy is my no.1 priority...
then if is cheap...lagik i suka :D

lily lotus said...

semuanya grand banget!

Gembo said...

Mrs G: Too high and you're like walking on stilts..too low and your pants drag across the floor.. besides I'm "vertically-challenged" - so heels it is...

The Louboutin is gorgeous ..
Wedges - either 3 or 4
Mid low - 1
Stacked - 5
Platform - 1 or 6 (sure 'tehabab' i.e. fall flat on my face)

Oh - I try to avoid suede or yg sewaktu dengannya (sedih kalau kena hujan..)

Mak Pah Vogue said...

hehehe....dpt post sbb boss gi mtg tak balik2...hooray!!!

nak citer sikit smlm 2 ladies fm JTC (Jurong Town Corp) dtg to meet my boss rgdng our land lease. one fo the lady, named Chris, was carrying an LV Palemo - monogram canvas. really catched my eyes ler. n she was also wearing like a 5-inch stilettos (something like mid-low heels no. 6). in my heart i was saying, diani dtg sini mtg then pegi yard inpsection, larat ker???

balik dari inspection she went to our 2nd flr board room to continue their mtg with my boss. then going back, as she went down our wooden laminated stairs, she missed a step and went down the adjoining platform. lucky her other colleague was in front of her, so acted as a buffer to her fall. my boss went down to assist her but she managed to uphold her grip at our stainless stell railings.

My other colleague who was conducting an interview in another small mtg room at the ground flr next to the stairway, went out to investigate.

I told her to sit at our reception area while i called a cab for them to go back to their office.

fuyoh...lucky nothing serious but I guessed she sprained her ankle.

alamak my boss baru balik...all sweaty sey...with a bag of sample for my COO...k ler chow chin chao...dah nak balik pun ni... cheerio

Shopaholic Mama said...

Raf - yep, this I agree - we need at least a pair or 2 to go with a proper outfit! I realised I do have a few custom made pairs for special events but only worn them once or twice so far!

Syahira - 3"! I pun boleh nangis! I penah jugak try pakai this high jalan2 but malam kena telan painkiller coz my feet is killing me!

Pearl - tried & tested, I can only wear heels max 2.5" to last me thru the day, if not pancit!

Sis Rasp - yes comfy is the utmost thing for me too coz I tend to walk a lot & cheap is a bonus!

Lily - Hi Lily!! Semua memang grand, harga pun lagi grand!

Mrs G - Almost the same taste! I can be clumsy at times & tend to 'terpelecok' so I cant wear too high a heel!

Yes suede is nice for indoor but not for daily outdoor.

Mak Pah - tulah, I yg pakai wedges pun can tumble down the staircase coz out office is walk-up building & we are located on the 3rd floor. So imagine everyday I have to walk up & down the staircases sometimes 5x a day!

Si merah said...


i love heels!!

i can go for 5"

just bought 1 purple black 5" too, my frens dok tanya 'can u really walk?'


aku ngah walking ler, of cos i can

it depends on orang tu gak lah kak...
i dont say no to flat shoes, but i will definitely say yes yes yessssssssssss to high heels!

my fav

Shopaholic Mama said...

Red - yep for you, 5 inch no problem but for me, no way lah, malam sure feet cramp!