Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Geek Chic 101 [Get rid of those boring templates!]

I know, I know. It's kinda boring having to stick with the same old boring templates by that Douglas guy or whoever it was.

I have been blogging since I was 15. Make that 9 years of blogging boom boom pow. And I have tried several platforms to work on; Blogdrive, Blogger, Lifelogger, Vox, Multiply, Livejournal, Wordpress and even had my own domain once. I must say, above all, I prefer Blogger the most.

Blogger provides the most user-friendly interface anyone could ever asked for. Well, for me that is.

Now before you start meddling with your layout page, I need to remind you that it is very important to always back up your current template in case all hell breaks loose.

Once you clicked on the "Download Full Template", it will prompt you to save a text file/XML file, make sure you know what you're saving and to play safe, always save it on your desktop. :)

Usually when you download a template from somewhere else, mostly it will be on a text file format. So all you need to do is to upload that text file to your blogger.

So here are some sites that provides cool free blogger templates:

  • Generally, is made up of a bunch ok kids. Haha. Okay, why I said so is because from what I noticed, most of the skin-makers are teenagers or prolly in their mid twenties. Some are really creative with their designs, some are just bleargh bleargh girly girly cute cute, like that.

  • Most of the template here works on the 'classic template', so you gotta really see what you're copying and pasting before deciding on the template. If you're wondering what in the name of blog is this classic template thingy, well. Let's just say there's an old blogger and the new blogger. Classic template = Old blogger.

So how do you know if the template works on the classic template or the new template format? Well, easy. Always do a trial and error. Means to say, if once you've uploaded a new template to blogger and when you click "Save Template" it prompts an ERROR, that goes to show that that template won't work on the new blogger. So what you can do is to revert to classic template and wah lah!

  • Cutest Blog on the Block provides backgrounds and not templates. To use their backgrounds is super easy since they work on the ever famous blogger Minima Template. This works well on the new blogger and the steps are as easy as 1, 2, 3. 'Add a Gadget', copy paste and you're done! :D

  • They also provide cool tutorials on how to further enhanced your blog like posting a signature, creating your own header and all that. Super coolness.
Those are my two favourites sites to hook up for a blog template. Otherwise, I'll just got to depend on my brain and fingers to do the wonders. Hehe.

Feel free to ask any questions if you need help regarding this okays? Saya tak makan orang lah. Makan nasi aja. Haha. Email me, yaw.

Toodles everyone! =)


rasp said...

me wud alwi opt for the super duper easy peasy ones, like cutestblogontheblock coz me very super duper blur on IT matters...

Chris DIY said...

Great posting, so useful for us non-techies..