Saturday, August 22, 2009

Indra Pearl's Birthday Surprise

Last Friday we celebrated Sis Indra's birthday! It was meant as a surprise but the birthday girl somehow manage to 'smell the taugeh' lah. Hehehe. Enjoy the pics and vids though!

Part I - Mission Failed!
[The 3 mamas actually got the wrong location!]

Part II - Mission Accomplished!

The peculiar names of dishes .... Cacik? Cicak? T_T

Her cuppy cakes!

Sis Indra's most favourite thing in the whole wide world - TAUGEH.


A touching pose. Terharu beta..

and she goes on....

Last but not least, the happy faces of Vogue U!

Hope you had a great night with us Kak Indra! May you always be surrounded with positive vibes all the waaayyyyy! Hehe. :)

Who's next?

Shopper mamaaaaaaaaa. Come out, come out wherever you are....
*evil laugh*

Selamat berbuka later everyone!

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Gembo said...

Waiter: Nak order apa?

Voguers: Cacik 1.

Waiter: Cacik? Tabule.

Voguers: Kenapa tak buleh?

Waiter: Tabule sedap

Voguers? Apa engkau cakap hah? Aku nak Cacik 1 lah. boleh tak?

Waiter: Cacik buleh order. Tabule?

Voguer: OI, aku posa ni jgn cari pasal ah. Cobaan.....

Waiter: Coban Salata? Berapa nak...

Voguer: tunggu berbuka nanti ah, nahas engkau. dah sehari aku posa engkau carik pasal ngan aku

Waiter: Haydari? Dah habis

Kwang kwang kwang, diilhamkan oleh perut gembo yang kurang gembonya heheh

PearL said...

hahahahhaha Mr G, yur script is just so hilarious..

Dearest sisters, i can smell anything associated with taugeh dan taugeh taugeh yang sewaktu dengannya...hahahaha
Anyways, I really enjoyed that night. It was so heartwarming and your friendship meant so much to me.


PS: gosh tat picture is so the over ..hahahaha

Shopaholic Mama said...

Mr G - you & wifey should have been there! We had a hard time trying to pronounce the words in the menu! Maybe you could be of help :)

In, Alaturka called me! They are looking for the fan tissue holder which is missing! I told them you need it for an audition. So are yo done with it?

Ok thats all, bye bye again everyone! 'Mas-Selamatkan-diri' is taking its place!!

Mak Pah Vogue said...

haha.... Mr G u make a good joker lah....

yup kak pah n AS also had a hard time pronouncing some of the dishes a few yrs back when we went to Anatolia. tapi Alaturka service very fast compared to Anatolia... mcm food testing session that time...the first dish dah abis then tunggu like 5 to 10 mins for the next dish.... eeerrrrmmmm

rasp said...

hahahahhaha kelazzz Mr G's joke!

Pearl...hepi belated birthday!!

Queen of Red said...

cannot see lah that prada
close up lahhhhh!!

dahlah orang jauhhh

Blushwax said...

Wahahhahha!!! I like the first video.....the mamas kena punked. Hehehhehe.

Mr G : Too funny!!!

Queen of Red said...

eh jap

nadh pakai baju kurung ke tu?


Nad (Otak Belacan) said...

Ape plakk baju kurung. Bukan lah kak red.. Haha. Baju kurung nanti raya lah baru pakai. Wahaha.

Rudy Djoe said...

beautiful blog. Salam ramadhan. ;)

PearL said...

Mama Ann - Suria took the fan holder for drama tak bersiri lah...hehehehe. Diaorang nak buat set for the next "show"..wakakkakakah

Rasp - many thanks dahling!

K.Red - biarlah Prada became one secret yang "tergantung"...(there's a hint behind this sentence...)

Raff - ya, siapa kena siapa now..hehehehehe

Nadh, kalau memang in Baju kurung memang ayu...

Rudy - thanks for dropping by!

xoxo - P