Monday, August 31, 2009

i LOVE mondays - office raid : FACEBOOK

May Peace be Upon You

Happy Monday!!!!! and i LOVE mondays is back to entice you with pretty pictures. But before your "kawai" designer start babbling on her facination of interiors, let VU take this honor to wish our Malaysian friends ------------ HaPPy MeRdeka!!!!! And I bet, you're spending longer time in that bed. So enjoy the holiday...

This week, I thought of invading some office design.

We spend more that half of our day in our office. Sure, some of us may be out in meetings most of the time but the office is the place that you use the phone more, the toilet more, the computer more. And these days employers are slowly seeing the benefit of creating a workplace that could inspire their staff more.

And I believe so as the statistic has proven that happy employers, better result, better quality work, less mistakes. They are proud to come to the office and are not shy to show it off to their families and friends.

However, quite a number of workplace have yet to see value the benefits in this way.......

FACEBOOK is one organization that values this notion. They understand for such an upbeat organization, the environment does not only need to be condusive for working but one that inspire its employees too....

But before we invade into this next big thing office, let me clarify that I am NOT part of the making of this office, but merely admiring its end product.

Sometimes, it does not have to take expensive treatment to make that office look and feel great. It's clever treatment and putting the $$$ to the right spaces that makes an interior a successful space.

Simple treatment like feature colour for focal points and cool artworks conjures a space with character.

Choice of furniture also plays a vital part in any interiors. You could spend top dollars for that designer piece but not harmonizing with the space, it looks mediocre. But knowing a good mix and match even with a non branded fixture could make the space looks exclusive.

However, I do agree certain workstyle is suitable with specific genre. The Y generation particularly are more acceptable to open plan and a more dynamic workspace. They prefer having space that are more flexible.

More collaborative spaces and communal spaces are becoming that functional space to have impromptu discussion and for staffs to communicate.

I love the idea of theme meeting rooms. It does break away from being monotonous.

I always like to advise my corporate clients not to be afraid using colours. Especially with paint colours. Plus, nowadays there are several brands that carry low VOC paint. Mix with wallcover ing and paint helps to bring down the budget and still able to create a fabulous looking space.

And like jewellery pieces that adds that final glittering touches in fashion wear, finding a quirky or a "talking point" fixture pieces sets the tone of your space. Just make sure you don't overdo it..

So, time to spruce up your workplace?

And are cool funky workplace matters to you?...or like some, its the pay check that matters and do not care if the workplace looks dated.....? What are your thoughts?

For me, I still enjoys making other people working place a joy to work in.

From your "kawai" designer,


Shopaholic Mama said...

I love the last one - very cosy & just like home!