Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vogue-U Potion - "Chicken Ala Carte"

May Allah Bless Us.....
This powerful film is worth watching...
I think it should be shown to all our kids, who do not value the food given to them. Each time Mak Pah watched this, tears kept rolling my eyes.
How lucky our children are to have good food around. The part sometimes pissed me off is when some people did not appreciate what they have and put them to waste..... May God guide them to the right path....InsyaAllah...Amiiin.
For those who have watched it before, let this be another reminder to refresh our memory dear.
With lots of love..... Mak Pah


Nad (Otak Belacan) said...

I've watched this before. Dan saya cuma nak cakap, sebrutal-brutal saya ni pun, air mata tetap tangkap leleh lepas tengok video ni.

Sebab tu sekarang makan apa pun pinggan mesti licin.

Mak Pah Vogue said...

Naddy dearest... in mak pah's opinion, u r actually the most caring person. always ready to be a friend in need.

Gembo said...

me too, I've seen this before. Alhamdulillah we havent seen any like this here but then again, not an excuse to be wasteful.

thanks for sharing kak Pah.

btw Nadh, I gerenti u the carrot cake will also be licin hehe (sent the recipe via email)

G, Gembo