Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time out with Shopper Mama - Shopping jokes!

Oh wow, the power of google! When you have a mental block, just google & pow wow, you can do an entry!

So here goes 1 for today's edition - Just for Laugh!


A teenage girl shopped at the mall and stopped at the perfume counter. She sees, "Sexual", “My Sin”, “Desire”, and “Ecstasy”. She says to the salesperson, “I don't want to get emotionally involved...I just want to smell nice.”


In the frozen food department of a grocery store, a man was shopping with his son. He checked something off his list, and then he whispered conspiratorially to the child, "You know what son, if we really mess this up, we'll never have to do it again."


Judi was walkingby the jewelry store one day in the midtown mall. She saw a diamond bracelet that she really liked. In the store she went.

“Excuse me,” she said to the sales lady behind the counter, “Will a small deposit hold that bracelet until my husband does something unforgivable?”


I was at the drugstore and noticed a young male cashier staring at the pretty girl in front of me. Her total came to $16.42, and after handing over a $100 bill, she waited for change. "Here you go," said the cashier, smiling as he returned the proper amount. "Have a great day!"

Now I placed my items on the counter. The tally was $32.79, and I too gave the cashier a $100 bill.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. We can't accept anything larger than a fifty," he told me, pointing to a sign stating store policy.

"But you just accepted that last girl's hundred," I reasoned.

"I had to," he said. "It had her phone number on it."


And finally, this is my favourite - Ampun FM.....

Even time has no meaning at all to a lot of women shoppers. A woman left one morning on one of her shopping expeditions announcing, "I'm going to do some shopping. I'll be back in about $450.00 or so."


Alrite, hope these cheer you up on a midweek! Ta.....


rasp said... the best for last :D

Gembo said...

Mrs G: Back in $450 or more? Good one!

If in DFS Scotts, that would mean 5 mins but in Jakarta perhaps a wee bit longer..

Shopaholic Mama said...

Sis Rasp - eh mestilah, save the best & the truth for the last!

Mrs G - Kat DFS, S$450 is NEVER enuf. Wont even go there!! Kat Takashimaya, maybe 4 hours but if in Jakarta & Surabaya, it can last few days for me!