Monday, August 10, 2009

i LOVE mondays - secrets in small spaces

In the name Almighty, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Happy Monday to all!!!!....Yawnnnn, its a public holiday here in Singapore and am spending time with the family in JB. Its been raining all morning as well so the start was a bit slow but i still LOVE mondays....

Anyways, while I'm sorting out my new accommodation, I thought I share my old place. Some of you may probably seen this but I thought it would be good to do refresh some of this quick tip secrets. Living in Singapore, most of us are proud "owners" of HBD flats. And living in a small apartment, every inch of space became very sacred. So its no drama that I just have create these 'Secrets in Small Places'.

Bought this clay pot with a lid in Barang Barang store at their warehouse sale. It was advised for gardening accessories but I think it'll look just as fine indoors. I thought this could be a good space for all those adapters for digicams, USB cables, i-POD cables, phone and battery chargers which easily gets misplaced. Also this force you to neatly tie the cables as the pot as limited space so to avoid getting tangled.

Keeping the dresser neat and tidy has always been tricky. I found this lacqured tiered chinese basket, normally used in Chinese wedding which you can find quite easily in Chinatown area. A unique piece itself, we turn it into a home for the clutter on the dresser. I keep my jewellary sets in there but you can use it to store away those cotton buds, watches, cufflinks or anything that you may want to use everyday but would like to have a clean neat dresser. By the way, these baskets comes in different sizes so you can pick the one most suitable for your dresser or you can have couple of different sizes. A good Asian hint for the home.

We bought this piece along Katong Area (east of Singapore) in a typical shophouse along the roadside which sells Baba Nyonya stuff and knick knacks. I've been wanting to have this mortar tiered piece which was said to be used to keep meals. But we just use it to keep our keys. Since its located near our main entrance door, its a perfect key box for us.

One thing that I cannot resist when travelling is collecting souvenier ornaments or knick knacks and would buy several pieces at one go. This handpainted turkish bowl became the bowl for that "unwanted" 5 cents which now become a hassle carrying them in your purse or pockets because you rarely use them. And so in turn, this bowl became the 5 cents piggybank and to some of the older version of the Singapore coins. Wonder when it will reach the brim of the bowl and maybe I can then myself a pint of Ben & Jerry's.........

There is this cookie jar that I put in the kitchen and I turn it into what's called a "saman" jar. Works exactly like a swear jar. I found this is a quick way to make money @ home....Whoever forget to switch off the toilet lights, left the glass on the table after finish drinking without washing, not clearing newspaper after reading or even not prepping up the cushion after sitting on the couch - in goes your S$2.00 in the cookie jar. Although it's no fun when I get the "fine".

Althought this is not really a "secret" I thought I'd just share how you can use part of your display to good use - No, haven't found Adam Sandler's CLICK universal remote control.

This is called Labu Sayong and is made of clay. A handricraft from Malaysia, bought it whilst weas travelling to Cameron Highlands. Its basically a water container, although now not many would use it as its heavier than normal water jugs. The old folks used to say that constant drinking from this Labu Sayong would cleanse the body system and could cure common illnesses. We really can't convince that but it helps to keep the water cool without having to store in your fridge whilst becoming a decorative peice in our kitchen - the homemade Evian........

From your kawai designer - PearL

VoGue U Dictionary :

saman - means fine (as in getting a fine ticket) in malay language


Gembo said...

Mrs G: Lovely interior decos (and functional too)... You're moving out? Can't wait to see your new abode..

PearL said...

dahling Mrs G - the hunt for the new NEST is still in process.. WISH me LUCK!!


Wati Basri said...

babe..didnt knw that you are movin to a new place! oh gosh...that really shows that we need to catch up :) hugs cuz!!

Blushwax said...

Kak Indra! I like the chest of drawers you used as vanity. whr did u get it from?

PearL said...

Wati - it will be a while...hehe

Raff - oh u like tat? I custom design that to fit the bedroom cos the room was so small lah...Now, it belongs to the new owners of tat house.... Sometimes Barang Barang have something similar..but nak kena hunt and hunt lerr..