Thursday, June 25, 2009

La Dolce Vita : A peep into my vanity

Here's a little peep into my daily skincare regime.
I use the above products daily. My regime constitutes 6 steps instead of the basic 3 as I included a serum, either a whitening or a pore minimizing serum and a sunscreen. The whitening serum is to help even out my patchy skin tone and the pore minimising is to help control sebum production on my t-zone. I must say serums really do work with constant application. Choose one that adresses your skin problem and insyallah it'll work. Another one is the under eye cream or gel. This one is not in the pic cos I've run out of eye gel...belum beli lagi.
Why use a separate gel/cream for the eyes? Can use the moisturiser for the rest of your face kan? Actually no. Cos the facial moisturiser you use is too heavy/rich for the eye area and might cause small milia seeds to develop around the eyes. So best if you can get a separate eye gel/cream.
Tip for application....always use your ring finger to apply eye gel/cream. This is to prevent excessive pressure on eye area which can promote stretching of skin which leads to wrinkles.
The extras :
Other than the basic steps. It's also good to regularly exfoliate your skin. Choose a facial scrub with beads that are not too coarse. Be gentle while scrubbing/exfoliating. Tak payah lah genyeh muka tu dgn scrub tu. Hehe...nanti kulit dah mcm kena sand paper pulak. Hehe. Exfoliation should be done at least 2 to 3 times a week if you have a lot of blackheads or whiteheads. It also helps to get rid of dead skin which enables make up to be applied smoothly and ensures that it lasts longer. So take care of your skin sweeties!! 
After exfoliating, apply a mask for your skin needs. For those with oily skin, find a clay mask as it helps to purge all impurities from the pores and prevent blackheads. Other types of mask availables are whitening masks, hydrating maaks, anti-aging masks and so on. Choose one that adresses your skin problem and apply right after you exfoliate. not let mask sit on face for more than the recommended time which is usually 5 to 10 mins if I'm not wrong. Most people are under the wrong impression that the longer the mask stays on your face, the better the treatment will be. Not true. After the recommended time, the mask will actually dry up further causing your skin to be squeezed under it. This actually promotes wrinkles to appear on your face. So remember...masks should not stay on your face longer than the recommended time. 
Okie dokie. That's all folks! Hopefully what I've shared will benefit some of you out there. Feel free to share any additional info with us here at Vogue-U. 
Food For Thought : Enjoy the simplest things as much as the luxuries. Do you? 


PearL said...

Clarins is one definitely good product..I love the Uplift lotion one.. ;)