Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vogue-U Potion - What is in a Name

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.....

Have u come across a person’s name which will make u giggled, pondered or puzzled? Well I’ve seen some who even made fun of a person’s name which I considered it as a rude gesture!

No doubt sometimes we have parents who are illiterate and registered their children’s name verbally without having the idea how it would sound when it is written. It doesn’t matter whether a Malay, Chinese or Indian. I’ve came across real live names like “Sampah”, “Tan Pui Kee” and “Maniaye” (pronounced as Mani Air in Malay) and even “Batman Bin Suparman” (refer copy of NRIC sent by my friend via email - and I am not sure whether this is true, but let us not be judgemental).

It really sounds comical pronouncing them but just put yourself in their shoes. Probably some may not show their grievances, but I’ve came across those who cried each time people made fun of their names. I think this is something we have to ponder. It really saddened us but the scenario is norm. Even for myself, when hearing the names for the first time made me giggled but obviously we need to be discreet and not hurt the other party’s feelings by joking about it and making a big “huhaa” to their names.

Nevertheless, the message I wish to point out here, as a human being, respect is the key word. As the saying goes, life is a cycle, what goes around, comes around. What you do on to others will eventually befalls back if not to you, it could be your loved ones.

And speaking on name calling, I’ll share with you some jokes about names, not those of the making fun types k, but something that is like an eye-opener and mind boggling matter. Haha till the next entry later at 2.00pm this afternoon…. keep it suspense first… huhu

Stay Vogue and luv yourself always......


vagg. said...

yes.. respect is the key word..
sometimes people tend to make fun of others'names, physical and even family/personal matters.

they might assume that as enjoyable.. but at the same time, people actually hate it.. especially those 'yang terkena' tu.

cik syahira said...

"what goes aroung comes around"
-nanti kalau gelak2 kn org, takut2 nnt kta kena balik ye tak?
-jd kena la saling hormat menghormati supaya org lain pun akan hormati kita juga.

rasp said...

i too believe that what goes round comes round, sooner or later! and true sis, Respect others and how u want others to respect you :)

Mak Pah Vogue said...

hello gals.... it seemed everyone agreed that life is a cycle hah..... n respect is essential in life too.

Luv uols...n stay Vogue ya...