Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Geek Chic 101 [Number one!]

I've never really had a proper introduction before, so here goes.

Initially, aku ingat nak buat posting pasal the most powerful tool ever that will make your photos look more appreciated. Oh, apakah? Heh. But, the process of showing and telling alahai, lambat betul lah nak siapkan. Lelagi when I am surrounded with KIDS! [I'm in JB now, at my cousin's place] I can't really do my post in peace. Tsk tsk tsk.

Basically every Saturday, I will be posting up tutorials mostly on how to this and that for your blog. Maybe introduce to you some cool software or shareware that you may have not heard of before. Or if you have any questions about basic stuffs like the codes [html, etc] or anything related, I will try my best to help, insya`Allah. Feel free to drop in any questions at the comment box tau. Seriously, I won't bite. Hard. LALZ. Kidding yo. :)

If we have any activities or any events going on, I will replace with that instead for Saturdays. [Takdelah every week aku nak perah otak belacan ni kan? Kekeke.] So banyak-banyakkan lah activity hujung minggu eh eh eh. Lalz.

Okay, I really can't type much [though I want to], I will make up for it aight?

Stay vogue yaw!



rasp said...

wah...tak sabar for ur pointers! nak nak utk i yg agak blur nie :)