Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Geek Chic 101 [Get your power tool ready!]


Tak geek langsung main sap sap gini. T_T

Okay, firstly gotta apologize mannnn cos last week was really a hectic week and so is this week! By the time you're reading this, the Vogue-U clan is probably taking kawaii photos dengan kambing-kambing terchenta. Ok tak tau lah kenapa I have this love for kambengs. Gila kambing agaknya.

Our first lesson today, macam besaaaa. Kalau new students masuk class, of course you need to come equipped with all the textbooks and stationaries, etc kan? Okay. For now, you will only need one tool. [Masuk semester 2 nanti baru kita upgrade lah hok?]

Before I introduce to you my very favourite thing to have on my lappytoppy or can I say, it's a must have *ahem ahem* SILA JANGAN GUNA INTERNET EXPLORER DAN PEGI DOWNLOAD MOZILLA FIREFOX SEKARANG JUGAK.

Paksa okay. Paksa. Terpaksaaaaa. T_T

If you already angkat sumpah dengan firefox, give yourself a pat on the back. *clap clap*

If you're wondering what the hell is Mozilla Firefox, okay. Here's a quickie. Apart from the normal usual click on Internet Explorer icon on your desktop to open up a browser for the internet, there are also other options for it. Such as Firefox is one and there's Opera, there's Safari mainly for Mac users and there's also the new google chrome which I don't really "feel" it, unlike Firefox.

If you are still on IE, please, switch to MF. I won't tell you why but you will feel the difference why. Don't worry alright, it's just another browser that performs better. In fact, most websites nowadays are MF based. Make a switch right now okays? Get out of your comfort zone and get into a much comfier one. Trust me.

You can download the latest Mozilla Firefox here okays! :)

*Scroll down and you can click on a green download now - FREE button*

But, if you have really sworn upon IE, oklah you win. Saya tak akan paksa. Maafkan saya. T_T

The next thing that you need to have is a super-quick tool that helps you to enhance your photos for your blog! YES! Forget photoshop. Forget even windows image editor. That sucks, big time.

I have always dread editing photos using my photoshop. Plus, the super many icons to click is rather tedious. Even the loading of the programme is quite a wait. [Hello, I don't have all day!]

Thanks to ChicsinRed, she introduced me to Photoscape! :) [If you're already a photoscape user, give yourself a pat on the back, again!]

Photoscape is a free photo editing software that enhance your photos instantly within just a few clicks!

You can have all kinds of super coolness frames,

Resize your images in a single click,

Crop your photos in whatever ways,

And even combine your photos like a pro!!!


Seriously, there's more to it of course!! Gone are the days that you need to spend a few minutes on a photo for enhancement, what not to worry how your photo looks on your blog.
Now all you need is photoscape!!! YEHAA!!

Have it seated at one corner in your desktop, play around with it if you wish to and in my next entry, I will show you how to edit your photos like a pro. Worites? :)

Till then vogue-u-ers! Nak kirimsalam kambing tak? Hehehehe.

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Gembo said...

alamak, no mac version le.... Nadh, bleh recommend similar app for apple tak?

cik syahira said...


sebab memang pakai gozzila.
eh mozilla.
dan seronok juga sebab baru dload photoscape yg cool tu.
tp belum hbs explore lg.
thanks untuk entry yg cool nih!

Otak Belacan said...

Mr G! Alahai, tak supported for Mac users eh. But but, from what I've seen and "hands-on", Macs photo editor software is also a bliss kan? Hehehe.

Will ask some fellow Mac mates whether did they use any similar app like photoscape before or not eh. :)

Hok! Mozilla fan! Yay! Haha. Explore jangan tak explore eh! :p

rasp said...

a'ah lah sis, photoshop cam tedious me oso opted for photoscape...simple and easy to use especially mcm i yg very the buta tuli IT gitu...