Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tips for the Shopaholics!

Helloooo all Vogue gals & guys!

Today let’s share some tips on shopping!

Remember the ‘ABCs’ before you plan your shopping!

for what you want.

Women want everything but don’t need actually. But there are things that when we want, means we really WANT!

I don’t see a need to lecture on ‘WANT’ vs ‘NEED’ coz I am myself guilty of having more ‘WANTS’ than ‘NEEDS’ so I am not the right person to preach abt it!


After you dah aim something, then check the budget. Like me, if there is anything I wish for, I would actually set aside part of my salary every month for it & save it in my precious ‘envelope’!

This ang pow is where I hide my money & dump any extra loose change here, be it $5, 10 etc. I would just keep the $$$ here till I am ready to shop!

If your wish-list is on the high side, then its best if you recce around first before you buy! If its a big ticket item, try asking the Sales Assistants if there are any upcoming sales. Some are nice enough to tell or at least give a hint but some SAs are just plain ignorant & display a heck-care attitude. If its a seasonal item, then it will usually go on sale for 30% to 50% off, so if you can hold on, then you should. If its a classic item, then once you have save enough, then go ahead & pamper yourself!

You dont wanna regret seeing this AFTER you have bought it!

And once again, I have to tell you, for those luxury items, pls buy them at DFS Scotts – the service is just impeccable & super top-nothc (well at least to me, thru my shopping experience), compared to those SAs at Paragon & Ngee Ann City!

But whatever it means, spend within your MEANS - never ever bust your budget coz if you do it once, you tend to do it again and again!

C – Comfortable

Do dress comfortably – If you intend to go hunting at warehouse sales or factory outlets, then a blouse or T / pants will do. It would be better if you can put on a singlet or camisole inside yr T (not a thick one) coz in case the changing rooms are not available, you can just try the outfit outside or when you have to share a changing room with a fren, a least you still have a camisole on, to prevent any embarrassment btw you & yr fren. Wear comfy shoes too unless you dont mind catwalking in those killer heels!

I have to confess – I am not a SAVVY shopper sometimes. I have bought things, which have or will never see the light of the day. Well, tons of it, judging by the cramped look at my secret compartment & store rooms, some still in their boxes & dust bags etc! But I guess, if I buy something & it made me happy at that point of time, then I wont dwell abt my 'impulse' buying! I dah langgar pantang banyak ratus kali, but this what I am - a SHOPAHOLIC!

So if any of you have tips on shopping, anything lah, like where is & how to get the best deals etc, pls do share your views & comments here! Coz Vogue-U is all abt sharing & learning the good stuff!

Finally, as you are reading this, I am still on a “Save the Indonesia Malls’ campaign somewhere in........!

So catch up with you ppl again!


a-as said...

good tips and reminder..hiks!

Mrs LVoe said...

very gud tips.. thumb up. HUGS!

*ayu* said...

i will try my level best to remmber these tips yer..

selalunya.. KEDAUNG! huhuhuhu...

Gembo said...

Mrs G: Here's a personal tip: sports shoes vs crocs mary janes for more than 8 hrs shopping? Crocs wins!
Enjoyed KL esp our kids.. Will continue with ur campaign in a couple of weeks ;-)

Mrs Taj said...

ishh samala kite sis ann..klu nk beli something ketepikan duit siap2 msk dlm nnt duit tu dpt la beli apa yg kita mau! plg sikit me simpan seringgit...hahahaha

PearL said...

mama Ann - that "ang pao" idea very good!...hehe...add on to the nice surprise dalam tiba tiba adalah duit spare nak "retail therapy"..


Shopaholic Mama said...

A-as - hope so it helps but kadang2, I pun ter-langgar jugak, tak ikut!

Sha - you pun expert bab shopping, so share lah esp the online shopping!

Ayu - tulah, kalau dah over-excited sgt nak shopping, tips pun kemana entah eh!

Mrs G - hah, yes! Crocs anytime! You had fun shopping in KL right?

Mrs Taj - good same same! I pun mana2 ada duit spare, terus masukkan kat envelope tu, mcm piggy bank gitu kan?

Pearl - it works for me! You can ask Raf as she has seen me digging my envelopes!