Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vogue-U Affiaire [Housewarming Party @ Blushwax's Crib]

Yesterday, Vogue-u got together to chillax [chill + relax] at Raf''s crib. [I hope most of you know our names by now, right?] Hehe.

It was a house-warming party specially for us, Vogue-U. Only that Shopaholic Mama wasn't around as she's busy saving the malls in Bali! It's okay Mama Ann, I've already eaten for you your share and took some photos to show that you have not missed a thing eventhough you weren't there. :)

Raf had summoned me to be there earlier as she needs an extra helping hand which of course, I have no troubles arriving early and even to a point when I was LABELLED as the SRI LANKAN MAID. Yes, to that extreme!! See see, I'm so cool like that yaw. Kekeke.

10 minutes of massage, free of charge dear chicky. Count yourself lucky this time.

Those ghostly chairs I will never lay my ass on. :p

Now let's begin. :)

Mama Moralle and family arrived at about 130pm, followed by Mak Pah Vogue and Sis Pearl. The party was made like a potluck concept and boy, was the food overwhelming. Everyone brought something to the party. As soon as Raf & Feroz [Raf's hubby] had ended their "home tour", lunch was served.

For your eyes to feast, for my mouth to savour. :p

Now let me, the one-day-only sri lankan maid bring you on a guided menu tour ey? Far right on top, as you can see is a set for the super-uber syokness black pepper noodle. Followed by Mak Pah Vogue's instant super-nice roti boyan and murtabak and Raf's signature dish, the chicken bon-bon. Erk. I mean, Rosemary chicken and its counterparts, the super KENTANG!!!!

Kawaiii chickiiiiii. 0_o

Everyone, look at Mama Moralle.
Their expressions was priceless. Heh.

Vogue-u everyone before eating! [Sis Pearl & Mak Pah Vogue]

My dear Aqil, you're really enjoying the food right?
[Aqil is Mama Moralle's youngest son, my favourite kid!]

After lunch, it was cam-vogue time!!

No Mama Ann, we did not gossip about you! Really! Kekeke.

The IT savvy sri lankan maid guiding Mak Pah the traits of blogging. Am I just cool or what? And yet Feroz only wanted to give me Hacks's sweets as payment for the day. T_T

It was a long afternoon, great fun, lame yet funny ahem *ngaum* ahem jokes, much laughter of course! Hehe. We continued for dessert later in the evening anddddd it was the best dessert galore ever I tell yew!

There was apple crumble pie & the super syokness custard pie which Sis Pearl had brought over earlier, Raf's kick-ass brownies and Mama Moralle's forever loved Sago Poco Loco. Ngeeehhh.

Tea with Mama Moralle. :p

This is my new apprentice. Aqil is 5 years old and he take some pretty cool shots sometimes. I was bribed with his PSP in exchange for a few shots on my camera. Ohhh well, I can't resist and since he's a careful kid, I'm cool with it. And if you can see, I'm right at the back on the sofa, playing his PSP. Heh. Don't you ever bribe me again like that okay. Lalz.

We ended the affair at about 8pm.. And me, being the nicest maid on planet earth, decided to stay behind to help out the couple with some cleaning. Feroz went out at about 930pm to rent out some DVDs and they we were, watching DVD through the night.

More photos coming soon from the home-owner eh? Soonnnn!! [Raf? Are you reading!! :p]

My special shout-out to Raf & Feroz, thank you for having us over yaw. Especially me. Jangan serik-serik eh. Ailebyew both! :)

To Mak Pah, Mama & Sis Pearl, you are loved! I am glad that we have shared something yesterday and with that, may our friendship blossom and not wither. :)

Mama Ann! Hope you're having fun! I think there's someone else who misses you more than us tau. Kekeke. :p


cik syahira said...


have a nice weekend vogue-u babes!

rasp said...

nice interior and superb pics!
the food looks soooo yummylicious, nak nak dpt share with great companions kan!

adenium said...

wow... superb!!!... GBM should have chillex @ our own place after this instead having it outside... :-)

Mrs LVoe said...

mind to share the recipe? so drooling tgok mkanan. cam kat restoran.