Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vogue-U Potion - So it’s a “He” or a “Her” or “Missing”???

May Peace be Unto You.....
Haha the sequel to my previous entry on Name!!!!!

OK this happened many years back when I was with a few engineers and technicians in a Technical Dept of my company. Cut short all the intro and I will go straight to the point. There were 2 engineers whose names are pronounced differently from the spelling.

And without further ado, let me start with.....

Scenario 1:

Engineers were either in the laboratory or out for site test. Phone rang and since I was there with my HOD, I picked up my colleague’s call.

Me: Good afternoon, Technical dept, Latifah’s speaking
Caller: Good afternoon. May I speak with Mr He (he pronounced “he”)
Me: Oh actually it’s Mr “Her” (correcting him on the pronounciation)
Caller: Oh it’s a “her” so it’s Miss He (still pronounced “he’)
Me: Oh no, it’s a “he”, so it’s Mr “Her”
Caller: Hah, I am confused here. It’s a Male or Female?? So it’s a “he” or a “she”??? so I should call “he” or “her”??? haha very confusing.
Me: I’m sorry it’s a Male, so it’s a “he” and not a “her” and his name is Mr He, the H.E. should be pronounced as “her”
Caller: OIC. Hehe so sorry I didn’t know his actual name. Thks, at least next time I call his name correctly then.
Me: Yes you should.
Caller: So is Mr He (finally pronounced as ‘her”) in then?
Me: Mr He is not in as he went to Meltshop for site test
Caller: Meltshop? As in melt…M.E.L.T?
Me: Yes dear, the incinerator at one of the Plant is called “meltshop” meaning to melt the steel.
Caller: Ooooo Iiiii Cccccc. Haha I learnt many new words today.
Me: Haha knowledge is virtue. Is there any message that you would like to leave for him?
Caller: Oh yes, I am so n so from so n so and probably you can get him to return my call.
Me: Will surely do dear. I shall put a note on his desk to return your call.
Caller: Thk u again for your help.
Me: You are very much welcome.

When Mr He came back I told him:

Me: HE, just now somebody called and taught you are a female.
HE: hahahaha because you answered my phone?
Me: Nope, because he call u Mr “he” and I corrected him stating it’s Mr “HER” and he got confused and thought you are a “she”.
HE: hahahaha Latifah, very nice joke hahahahahaha. U tell me how he call????
Me: blah blah blah (repeat above story)

Scenario 2:

Phone rang. If not mistaken it was in the morning and my colleague went to Hydration Plant (a Plant to hydrate limestone powder)

Me: Good morning. Technical Dept. Latifah’s speaking.
Caller: Hi, may I speak with Ms Zing
Me: Oh her name is Ms Xing (pronounced as “sing”)
Caller: OMG, she’s missing??? How’s come???
Me: She’s not missing dear. Her name should be pronounced as Ms “Sing” (XING)
Caller: Oh!!!!!! I see. Hahaha u r indeed a joker hahahahaha. U got me there hahahahaha. For a while I really thought she’s missing!!!
Me: hehe got u!!! no lah just correcting you her actual name.
Caller: Oh thank you and it’s alright.
Me: Is there any message for her dear coz she’s not at her desk right now?
Caller: Oh OK. Get her to call me, so n so at this no.
Me: Considered it done dear.
Caller: Thank you.
Me: U r welcome and bye
Caller: Bye

When Ms Xing came back.

Me: Haishan, just now somebody taught u r missing.
Xing: Hah? How come?
Me: blah blah blah (repeat the above story to her)

Haha..... each time we recalled the above events, everyone of us laughed to our hearts content.

So remember all, a name is sacred and should sounds nice to the beholder. Thus should be called correctly to avoid embarrassment and foolish act… hehe

And if you think you are not sure how to call, you can probably ask first….. e.g. I am sorry, I am not sure whether I am calling your name correctly, but should it be Mr So n So?

So dear….. some motivational boost tablet to all…. “Always think positive and never look down on other people’s names”

Stay Vogue always....!!!! And don't forget to Luv yourself and your Name too......


Umi Rose said...

as for me..selalu kena..'is that ur real name?' or..'what is ur real name?'...even after its rite there in front of their eyes...

and after i told them what they want to know...then...a million question again...wow..are u coming from a mix family..blablabla blablablablabla...hahahaha

and normally, people will pronounce it wrong...

omey83 said...

owh, how true! sometimes it can be annoying bila people silap pronounce name, but of course it's acceptable esp for the case yg name tu punye spelling, aiyo..susah woo..