Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Message from the Shopaholic Mama..

Hey you lovely vogue-u-ers!!

Today is my slot so let's get psycho with the Shopaholic Mama

Everyone loves SHOPPING right? Actually, some Men do too but they just wont admit it!

SHOPPING to me, is a way to de-stress from the office workload, demands & mental pressure from dealing with colleagues, staff & of course clients! So in a way, SHOPPING does take away a bit of burden off my mind, thou not healthy on my bank account BUT remember, a happy woman makes a happy world!

Even window-SHOPPING is fun, so it doesn't mean every trip to the mall means spending your $$$ away, just open your eyes & feast on all things fancy, and even doing these will make a difference to your life! Trust me on that!

1 of my favourite SHOPPING jaunts are the warehouse sales, bazaars and the factory outlets. These are where you can get the best bargains! Coz I am one SHOPAHOLIC that embrace anything that's worth buying. It doesn't have to be branded or expensive, but its how I value the worth of the product and how much I like it! be it a cheap brandless sandals or a bag, but if I like it, I'll get it.

At this point, some of you know that I love & own branded bags. However, I also use bags that were given free by those cosmetic counters; bags I bought from flea markets & bazaars; bags given by family & friends; simply because I just love bags! I tak cerewet, whichever bag that I feel like using on that day, branded or not, then I'll just grab it!

So in future slots, when time permits hopefully, I can provide you with where the best deals are and more. I would like to reiterate that I am not a SHOPPING guru but I am just sharing with you my passion and I am sure I am not alone here.......

Oh by the way, if you had read from here, I wld even bargain for a packet of TAUGEH! Why?? Let the secret out! Coz taugeh is very much a part of my life! Some of you hated eating it but to me, its my source of vitamins, proteins & what-nots to keep me going strong for a hard day of shopping spree. If spinach does wonders to Popeye, then taugeh it is for me!

My favourite tagline -

Where there's a mall, there's a way!

Where there is the Shopaholic Mama, nourish her with Taugeh!

Much love from me!

And 1 last thing -

Sorry if some of you had tried to access my blog but couldn’t!

Sorry if I have not visited you for a while!

Sorry as I am away for a while, as you are reading this, I am still in lala land after a jolly good trip in Bali!

The Mama will be back soon with her usual shopping antics in her blog, so watch out!


cik syahira said...


hi shopaholic mama.
nice to meet you.
yup i am agree.
shopping is like a therapy.

Umi Rose said...

Taugeh huh...hahahaha....watever happen...we know that taugeh can never be extinct...our first science experiment tu kan....

so good for taugeh lover like u...

rasp said...

a true shopholic sampaikan ke taugeh sanggup bargain muahahahaha

Mrs LVoe said...

my fav vege :-)

sis ann, miss u so much!! sha xnak ape2.. bawa balik taugeh pun xpe HUGS!

Anonymous said...

salam SM.... i going to bali next mth...can u gv me some tips.. happpy holiday SM.....tks

Shopaholic Mama said...

Syahira - Wa Alaikum Salam!

Yes indeed, Shopping ialah segala penawar sakit peningku jua!

Rose - Hi Rose, me no can do without taugeh! I simply love it. Biar takde mee dlm mee goreng, asal ada taugeh!

And I hope you are ok now Rose..

Sis Rasp - ha ah Sis, kadang2 I beli mee soto, mintak taugeh lebih sikit je, like 20 batang, dia nak charge 50cents, mcm manalah I tak hot, so kena tawar 10 to 20 cents lah! hehehe

Sha - woohoo...another taugeh LVoer!! Yep, I hope to be back soon...very soon!

Anon - hi there.. ok I may be blogging abt it with pics, but not so soon as I am pretty tied down with other commitments. So I'll just give you some basic info later ok!