Monday, June 22, 2009

i LOVE mondays - Using Wallcovering

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A very vogue-ging Monday wish to all. Hope the weekend has been good for everyone. I was intending to share with you, what each of our Vogue U girls favourite finds in their own home. But I was approached by this question recently from one of my friends who is about the renovate their home. The issue - wallcover or paint.

Gone are the days where wallcover only comes in that flowery frilly cottage design or huge heavy damask prints and unless you would like your home to look like Rocco Barocco of Louis the whatever century that may be, today wallcoverings came in many textures, colours and to suit every different needs.

Benefits of using wallcovering :
1. set varied themes for each desired ambience
2. allow individual expression
3. add texture and details to a plain wall
4. provided unlimited ways to create different effects and change the dimensions of a room visually
5. easy to maintain as most wallcoverings are washable and spongeable
6. mask damaged walls and irregularities on wall surfaces
7. can be installed at your convenience with limited clean-up and has no distinct odours.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1 : How can wallcovering change the look of a home?
A : Wallcovering is a great impersonator. It can:
- Brighten a dark room
- Add character to a dull room
- Warm up a room with no architectural features
- Create a cozy atmosphere
- Frame the room’s best feature
- Reveal your personality more than any other wall treatment
- Make a too-long, too-boxy or low ceiling room apprear more proportionate.

Q2 : Is wallcovering economical?

A : While the initial investment may seem high, many of today’s wallcoverings are durable and have an average life span of seven to ten years. Most vinyl wallcovering can retain their original beauty and strength for at least 15 years.
Q3 : What are the different types of wallcoverings available in the market?

A : Paper Wallcovering is more “breathable” which makes it best for use in low moisture rooms. It is also available in embossed form and is usually sponge washable.
Vinyl Wallcovering has a paper substrate on which the decorative surface has been sprayed on or coated with acrylic type vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They are classified as scrubbable and strippable, and are suitable in almost any area.
Specialty Wallcovering includes acoustic wallcovering with sound-absorbing properties. Other materials ranging from grass cloth, straw, metallic foils, ceramic chips, cork veneer and whiteboard wallcoverings are also available.

You can easily work with your designer or if you do not have one, Wallcovering suppliers typically have showrooms that you can visit and could see a life size application of the style that you are looking for. It may not be in the actual colour but may be useful for you to get an idea and feel of the wallcover itself.

You could mix the application of paint and wallcover. Choose a particular wall within the house that you want to be the focus of the space. This is where you could get creative and install that favourite wallcovering of your dreams without going berzerk with the whole space.

A good recommendation of a supplier that carry quite a variety of selection is Goodrich Wallcovering

And if you do need a consultant to talk to, do let me know (email us at and we could get them to talk to you and provide you with the help that you need. They area located within Asia conveniently.

Good luck in making that new statement wall of your home!

From your kawainess designer - Pearl

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