Monday, December 7, 2009

i LOVE mondays - Design : Come into Twilight

May Peace b Upon You

Goooooddd Mooorrrnnniiiingggg to all and wishing a fantastic Monday ahead for all!!!! The school holidays are back and oh my, was the causeway has started its jam pack season again. I think I spend longer time at road with Optimus than having my two feet on ground.

And so are the movie theatres. Jam packed with the teenagers and those who drools over that pale face Edward and hunky swank Jacob guy and boys that apparently turn into wolves.

I have to be honest though, I decided to rule out following this Twilight mania when it first started out. After faithfully becoming a fan of Lord of the Ring, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter (still am), doing Twilight may be abit too much for me to handle.

Not until I caught it several days back on cable. So everyone knows its about that adolescent love. A vampire, a mortal girl and a werewolf that circles around the topic of LOVE..... Have you ever notice in most movies that deals with vampires...they are creatures that has great sense of fashion, cool aristocrat attitude....and live in fabulous interiors!!!

And the one in Twilight is simply magnificent. Called the Hoke House, its designed by Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture....and one that is fit for a vampire..

Let's take a peek, shall we......

Honestly I love this art piece - the graduation caps the Cullens made a joke out of it. Imagine repeating High School for several centuries...

Edward's Room in the movie. And to have the look, you can go here for inspiration.

No 7-11, no ATM machines around.....and if Mum wants a bottle of that Cap Kipas Udang soya sauce there and then how?

But seriously, the architecture is a sculpture amongst the nature surrounding. Truly spectacular.

Key to good design - Simplicity.

And classics never dies. That Barcelona chair sets the interior in a timeless cocoon.

By the way, the Cullens has a new set of interiors in the next Twilight saga : New Moon. Let's pay a visit for lunch later......what do you think?

from your kawaii designer,


Blushwax said...

Oh yeah! I fell in love with this house eaons ago. I especially love the open bookshelves in the living area. BUT having an open bookshelf like that means many many hours of wiping and dusting. Can die!

Mak Pah Vogue said...

ooo luv the design but preferred a glass covered built-in bookshelves though rather than an open concept. and yes the surroundings are scary. what if there is an emergency and u dun have a tptn....adui!!!