Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time Out with Shopper Mama - Head over Heels with Her!

I must say,

this year, I am going gaga over this


Lady Gaga who can carry the Hello Kitty outfit with aplomb!


Look at those 'eyes' painted on her lids and the giant ribbon


Really cant help staring at her 'eyes'


Is that a Kitty necklace dangling in front of her crotch?


And how about that killer stilettos?

Closer look at that killer heels!  Does it shout 'WOW' or what??

I think she is a very talented Lady. 

I just love her style and her songs which I can hum non-stop!

So, do any of you share my obsession with this



rasp said...

she is simply awesome...
i too go gaga over her :)

Mak Pah Vogue said...

Ann - just last weekend during my stay at the fishing bay resort, our room tv was equipped with Astro Channel. My children kept changing to MTV, and this Lady Gaga songs were on it all the time until I could still hum the rythm inside my head....hehe. she's awesome and her dressings are all out of this world. she's really a trendsetter of her own kind.... so unique!!!

nasazfrog... said...

uhh segalanya dari hello kitty.. nice... :) muda lagi budak ni kan..:)

PearL said...

Whoa, Kawaii-ness with an attitute!!!!

I'm still hooked on her "bad romance" song...ola o la la..roma ro maa maa..gaga..hehe