Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time out with Shopper Mama - Let's shop here!

Hello Vogue-ers!

Let me close the year 2009 with an invite to all our fellow readers of Vogue-U to come and visit Singapore coz there is a new mall in town worth checking out and I ain't talking about ION Orchard!

If you plan to visit our little red dot, thou tiny, tapi bak kata pepatah -

Jangan sangka Singapore kecik-kecik cili padi,

Tapi shopping sini pun best jugak, so just bring extra money!


Ok, the mall that I would like to recommend you is


The 1st Eco-Mall in Singapore, open recently in late October this year

Conveniently located at Farrer MRT station (soon to be opened) and just minutes away from the famous Mustafa Centre at Serangoon Road.

See? Near MRT right?

They also provide shuttle services from 2 Mrt stations - Pick up / Drop off at either Lavender Mrt (which is nearby where I work, that's why I am loving this mall) and Novena Mrt, every 40 minutes I think!

There are lots of shops and makan places here


My favourite food court is here too - Yippee!

One of the most important facilities I always check out in a mall is their toilets!

As it is, just by looking at the signs above, I already feel 'terpanggil' to their toilets!

Clean toilets, I like it!

Ok actually if City Square Management had paid me to do a review of this mall, I would most gladly elaborate more but since they did not, then I'd say its better for you to check it out yourself!

I know you will love it as much as me! 

After all, this mall is 'For the Shopaholic in You'!

My rating for City Square Mall - 7.5/10

Anyway, if you dont like this mall (our opinions may differ), then you can always walk over to Mustafa Centre, just 5 mins away!  Ni mesti you all suka kan?


Moralle said...

not only non-singaporean blum go ni SM, me pun blum go ni......going going this wkends :))

rasp said...

leh masuk list nie...
peginya ntah bila :)
mcm betul2 memanggil u sis SHM :)

Gembo said...

Mrs G:

..ION I've heard of, the Universal Studio this and have never even been to Mustaffa Centre..u blogged on this before? gulp...I love that tiny red dot!

Mak Pah Vogue said...

haha..... waktu ion baru bukak, ada ler cuba pegi but due to parking sesak, we gave up. now with city square, ntah bila ler dpt jejak.

Shopaholic Mama said...

Sis Moralle - Its quite similar to Causeway Point, tapi nearer for me. lagipun dekat Mustafa Centre, so sekali jalan.

Sis Rasp - Jemputlah datang! The malls here are calling you too :)

Mrs G - Ion is at Orchard, but not many ppl like it. I find it very confusing and the toilets ya ampunnnnnn.. punyalah susah nak locate them!

Mustafa Centre is very popular coz the range esp perfumes is wide and birdie (means cheap cheap lah) too esp the electronic stuff is cheaper than other places. They have 2 buildings next to each other but the newer one is always crowded, so I prefer to go to the older one. Mustafa operates 24 hours, so some ppl (esp the celebrities from Msia & Indon) prefer to shop in the wee hours of morning. You should check it out on yr next trip!

Mak Pah - Kalau gi Orchard, I selalu park kat Cairnhill or belakang Shaw House Scotts Rd! Kalau City Square, then I park at the carpark near the mosque opposite Mustafa or inside Mustafa kalau tak jam with human traffic. Paham-pahamlah daerah Serangoon always crowded kan!

PearL said...

Mama, the first thing that I notice...The pictures are sooo clear...Dah de "sidekick" already ke?..hehe

ION has a strategy. The way its design makes you past every shop before you find the escalator, lift and toilet...The purpose - to lure the stuff and make u forget nak terKench ke, terBerry ke....hehhe

I pass by this mall the other day, but tak masuk. My bro was Singapore pun dah de City Square ke...dulu kat JB je..


Me, Mrs Taj said...

i like the toilets too..super clean and super cool!

Ibu to AqiF n ImraN said...

Ion yes....happening but as all said sometimes bit confusing....jalan2 balik2 jumpa the same shop :)...Mustafa so so jer for me...tak tahan lah kuat b*u b*d*n majority org2 kaum diorang di sana ...sorry no offense key :)

Shopaholic Mama said...

Pearl - No DSLR yet, coz I am not prepared to lug the biggie thing around so we both make do with our 8.1 mp mobile phone first! Also its easier to curi2 snap pic with a small phone.

Still, I didnt like the ION design. Not only that, the escalators are also a headache! As it is, I thot I missed out on a lot of shops already coz going around ION sort of 'suffocated' me so much that I needed to get out of the building!

Mrs Taj - Me too always look out for clean toilets. And not many toilets in Singapore ada pipe air kat dlm cubicle unlike in Msia. So this toilet ada few cubicles with pipe air, so kira pass to me lah..

Ibu - yep yep betul tu, I pusing2 balik2 jumpa Mango! Then salah naik escalator, jumpa lain pulak! So totally confusing. In the end, jalan2 kat luar ION je.

For Mustafa, if you go to the newer one, memang crowded lah. I paham maksud you pasal bau tu, coz situ memang their area. But kadang2I suka pegi just to see the range of things they have, mcm prata instant (roti canai), Mustafa will stock up like more than 15 brands!! Also perfumes pun banyaaakkkkk so gi sana, boleh test & spray! I also go Mustafa to check on prices of some stuff like electronic things, coz their prices are export prices so konon cheaper than others, then I can compare with other shops before I purchase.

Anyway I prefer to go to the older branch sebelah, tak ramai orang sgt.