Thursday, December 10, 2009

La Dolce Vita : Fav Reads

Reading is such an integral part of my life. I have my paternal grandparents to thank for that. They encouraged me to read from young and I was never short of a book. I even remembered how I threw a tantrum cos I was told I could only get one story book for myself. Tsk tsk. I was such a spoilt brat. Haha.

Up to his day I can get lost for hours in bookstores. Just plonk me in the middle of Kino or Borders and I will happily while the hours away among the mnay many reads.

I read a variety of genres but the only one that I can't seem to stir up an interest for are sci fi and fantasy with the exception of Lord of The Rings.

Books that will always be in my must read list -

1) Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
    I was truly disturbed and touched when I read this book. Couldn't put it down til the last page.

2) The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
    Found it fascinating how this man weaved parts of history into his story and how this book prompted a lot
    of other writers of fiction and non-fiction to write on the same subject.

3) The Alchemist - Paolo Coelho
    Truly meaningful values in this one book. I reread this every so often.

4) Separate Beds - Lavryle Spencer
    A romance novel that is very untypical. Not thrashy at all. This one book will make you sad, cry, laugh
    and feel every emotion that the main character goes through.

So next time you're free pick up a book and share with us here.


Shopaholic Mama said...

wow yr books all too heavy for me!

I once read Harry Potter but gave up after 20 pages...

Now I am catching up on the past Readers' Digest dated 2000 onwards esp the jokes section!

PearL said...

its true that if our elders start reading at a very young age, it will eventually become innate.
I'm now at Eat,Pray,Love. Usually i'm a Speed reader...this one, had me highlighting each page on the words that just makes me reflect and reflect....hehe


Mak Pah Vogue said...

mak pah has long stop reading books now and majority of times surf the internet for good books. my bookshelves and boxes of books had become a white elephant. both hubby n me browse thru whenever necessary...huhu. sometimes both of us buy a few useful books, but then after my hubby finished reading, i'll be too tired or lazy and will then just source the info fm him instead...hehe short-cut. but once i got hooked, i won't let go.