Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vogue-U Potion - Authentic Food

May Peace Be With You

Hello vouge-u-ers..... how's everybody? Mak Pah was in KL since last Monday.... hmm a very tiring trip indeed coz both hubby and me rushed here and there to settle many matters in KL. Nevertheless, during my trip there, hubby decided to treat me with authentic delicacies which he presummed might not be found in S'pore or probably never been served in any of the restaurants in S'pore.

Normally when going back to KL, we like to detour into Batu Pahat, Muar or Malacca for the authentic asam pedas dish and sometimes also try to replenish our stock of the prawn paste (belacan) and prawn sauce (cincalok) if possible. In fact we were supposed to meet up with my friend in Malacca coz he wanted to let us try the asam pedas around Bukit Cina area which opens only in the evening till pre-dawn. However due to unforseen circumstances at his working place which was unavoidable, our meeting was cancelled. Therefore hubby set our GPS to Bkt Cina and probably tried to find the place ourselves. We scouted the area in case we happened to notice a row of "asam pedas" stalls. However to our dissappoinment none was seen. Same goes with the belacan and cincalok as majority of the shops were already closed that Sunday nite..... sob sob.

Eventually we were caught in a traffic jam along Jonker Walk, and decided to park and just recce in Jonker Walk for any good food. But again to our dissappointment, they only have chinese food and normal nite market (pasar malam) with a special entertainment on stage from the locals there (something like the "getai" in S'pore).

In the end hubby decided to go somewhere we are more familiar like the Apple Burger Restaurant, located in Klebang area, next to the Straits Hotel, along the Lebuh AMJ (also near to the famous and big Malacca mosque). I was looking forward to order their famous Chicken Apple Salad. Thinking that we had missed our dinner time, both hubby and me ordered something light as supper, Bakso for him and Chicken Porridge for me and the authentic Chicken Apple Salad as side dish. We were too hungry until I forgot to snap a photo of the Salad. Well actually it consisted of crispy breadcrump fried boneless chicken cutlet served with sliced green apples and salad with mayo topping....yum yum. It quite scrumpcious and light with soury taste of green apple n mayo.

Actually the food served there were alright except for one flaw, which is the service coz one of their staff was very rude. He served us the chicken apple salad and I asked him for the tissue coz mine was left in the car. He took 1 box from another table and threw it on our table until both my hubby and me snarled "OMG so rude!!!" I stared at him and he walked away. I kept staring at him until he felt uneasy walking to and fro us while serving other customers. I wanted to complain to their management, but hubby said don't waste time with such matter as we were already late to proceed to KL. But I managed to take a photo of the restaurant though. If given a chance to do review of this restaurant, I shall give a score of an 7.5/10 for food and a 4/10 for customer service due to 1 person, their marks go down the drains....

Loved the food but hated the service from a staff with an attitude

After that, hubby drove out of Malacca into the North-South highway towards KL. On Monday morning, both of us grabbed some light breakfast and off to run many errands. Then had very late lunch or probably trunch...huhu. Then for dinner, hubby tried setting the GPS to go to Section 7 of Bandar Baru Bangi to look for a restaurant called Restoran Sup Urat Ketin which he happened to come across while reading the M'sian online papers a few days ago. Being unfamiliar with the area, we ended up going to Section 6 and bumped into the famous Haji Samuri satay stall. Being hungry, we decided to try out the authenticity of this most talked about famous satay Kajang. To our surprised they also served rabbit and deer meat besides the normal beef, chicken and mutton. Being adventurous, we decided to try both the rabbit and deer meat on top of our orders of chicken, beef and tripe satay. This time I managed to catch some photos, but not so clear, as they were taken from my handphone. OK my review of the satay, the rabbit meat tasted a bit like chicken but more tender while the deer meat is almost like beef and not so tender. I like the peanut sauce which they served separately from the chillie oil (in case those who are health concious can only pour in just a bit will do). The meat servings were chunky, thus those meat like beef and deer were quite hard. But we loved the tripe coz they were more spicy and very tender. Overall I give a 5/10 for all satays except a 7/10 for the tripe satay and for customer service, a 7/10. Here are some photos taken for your viewing....

Picture taken in front of the Hj Samuri Satay restaurant (quite blur) located in Section 6, market area in Bandar Baru Bangi

The menu (special satay from rabbit (arnab) and deer (rusa) meat)

From left, a bowl of peanut sauce, a plate of rabbit (left) and deer (right) satays, and a bowl of chillie oil

From 9 o'clock clockwise were the chicken, tripe and beef satays

While on the way to our KL home, we accidentally came across the Sup Urat Ketin restaurant. I told hubby that we did passed by the road but didn't noticed the signboard. We parked at the corner of the restaurant to set our GPS so that we would not get loss again. The staff signalled to us stating they were closing. We nodded.

So on our last nite in KL, on our way back to S'pore we decided to try out the ketin soup. However since our friend just gave us a dinner treat in KL, we decided to just try a bowl without any rice or side dish. I queried from the staff what does "ketin" means. She said it's the leg veins of the cow. It's white in colour and tasted like tripe. I guessed they must have boiled the veins very long coz the meat was so tender, you could just swallowed them whole. Here are some photos taken from my handphone again.

Photo of the Sup Urat Ketin restaurant, taken at the junction into the shophouses in Section 7, Bandar Baru Bangi

A bowl of Sup Urat Ketin (veins of cow's leg soup)

The veins (whitish in colour and very soft and tender...yum yum)

Until now, both of us kept thinking of going back to this restaurant to tuck in the bowl of soup. It was really authentic and served with abundance of fried shallots and fresh chinese celery leaves. My score for this restaurant, a 9/10 for the soup and a 7/10 for customer service.

So has any of you tried anything special and authentic before? Pls let us know the exact location if possible. No worries, we will try to find them if possible and give a sneak review of them. We eat to live....haha survival!! So the next time you see Mak Pah eating something, somewhere, where you least expected....hmmm maybe there's something authentic served there hah......... and don't forget to say hi coz I don't eat humans... hehe

Lots of Luv from Mak Pah to all..... muacks muacks.


Shopaholic Mama said...

Mak Pah, I luv to eat that 'ketin' or Indonesians call it 'kikir'. Thou I think the taste is like urat kan? Sedap bangat!!!

Nothing special or drastic that I have tried (Japanese food is categorised as too extreme for my liking!) except for sop lidah, otak, pipi, dagu, dahi etc. Sop janggut je belum try!

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum mak pah.

dah try mee racun? ada di batu pahat. jb mungkin ada juga.. hurm. bukan racun sebarang racun tau. mee tu sedap sampai meracuni fikiran. huhu..

Mak Pah Vogue said...

wow shopper mama, didn't know that kikir is also the veins of cow's leg.... hmmm one day must try. I dun mind japanese food as long as the meat are fresh especially the seafood, if not sure squimish. klu exotic meat like rabbit n deer, i dun mind to try the ready-cooked one but dare not cook on my own.

wah syahira, mee racun!!! ni mesti nak try. can u tell us the exact location of the stall?