Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time out with Shopper Mama - Lacoste shoes

Remember this entry?

I did post a picture of this particular pair of shoes for the ladies designed for Lacoste by Zaha Hadid, the most famous female architect in the world, celebrated for her avant-garde designs.

Here, I present to you again her limited edition collection

Calf leather boots (knee-high) for women - S$ 729 !

Also available in black

(I do wonder whether all 850 pairs are sold!)

Ok now, to be fair to the MEN, Lacoste has also come out with the male version.

So guys, dont despair!

For the men, its only ankle-high

The damage?  Its only S$699 jer - sila pengsan!

Setakat just for this namesake embossed on my shoes, I think I kirim salam ajelah dgn si Zaha ni !

Like, why cant shoes, just look like shoes, really??

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*ayu* said...

hehehe... betul tu sis.. y cant shoes be like shoes.. kan? :)

♥cybermummy♥ said...

ohh!! goshh !!! i think if i ever wear that shoe my feet + leg will surely die being strangled + suffocated by the ever ever super duper long thing ...

rasp said...

i rasa tis shoes mmg sesuai tu those yg suka ckp belit2 gitu hahahaha oooppssss

Ummi Lily... said...

Fooooh!! Harge kasot diye kan... Bole tahan teksi... hee hee...

PearL said...

I wonder what inspire Zaha to do this...hehehehe..
Amacam Mama, lets do one with VU embossed...hehehehe. Keep on dreaming!!!!


Mak Pah Vogue said...

haha Ann.... might as well get the PCK boots... murah n waterproof...wakakakaka

wah pearl - it may starts as a dream... who knows it will reality in the future.... so the motto here is not to stop dreaming....

Shopaholic Mama said...

Ayu - betul kan? wondering ada ke orang yg pakai kasut belit mcm ni?

Cybermummy - yes mummy! I think I kesian my leg kena cekik mcm ni!

Sis Rasp - kalau yg suka cakap belit ni, baik pakai yg terus belit to the head..hehehe

Pearl - Yes we can! But at least start with a 'wearable' stuff!

Mak Pah - hahaha PCK boots pun I tak kan pakai but at least its cheaper & look as funny as the lacoste!