Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time out with Shopper Mama - List your 3 shopping havens!

Today, I want to hear from U.

Yes U, vogue-Uers! 

I would like U to list 3 of your favorite malls.  It can be anywhere - across Asia, the world or if you think your hometown or state or estate has hidden 'gems' that are yet to be discovered, then tell me pls!

And one more thing, add in WHY you love them to bits!

For me, I have too many, waaayyyy tooooo many shopping havens to list if you ask me!  A true blue pink shopaholic can never get enough of malls, markets & marts you know! The more, the merrier lah. 

But to shortlist 3 that's a must go for me

  • Mangga Dua in Jakarta - everything under 1 mall.  Some think its a low class mall (comprising of 4 blocks) but I sure get a kick of finding some pretty good stuff here!
  • This is a tough call for me - so many to choose from Bukit Bintang KL.  There's Times Square, Pavillion, Lot 10 etc but I gotta pick Sungei Wang coz again, there's everything under 1 roof for the family!
  • Its only fair if I select 1 in Singapore lah kan - again I love most of them but the one I frequent most is Suntec City coz not only of the variety of shops, its also nearby where I live, and the parking is cheap too, compared to the ones in Orchard!

Ok now, its your turn - 3 je I mintak k! Its not that difficult right?



Mak Pah Vogue said...

haha Ann.... mak pah pun kaki shopping tapi skrang dah mellowed down sbb asyik kena lecture dari hubby...sob sob.

K my list of fav shopping malls....

Bangkok - MBK (geram giler tgk barang2)

Batam Mall - recommended by you and now I mcm terbayang-bayang nak kesana jer.

KL - The Curve n Tesco-Damansara - sbb dkt ngan rumah mak pah.

alamak dah 3 eh.... mak pah masukkan yg no. 4 ler eh... sbb S'pore blum in the list dah... kat S'pore so far sejak Vivocity is has become my fav... everything under one roof and the best part lepas penat berjalan satu mall, boleh relaks rendam kaki kat roof-top oasis pool area....muahahahaha

cik syahira said...


hi shopaholic mama.

ok turn sy pula k.

1. batu pahat mall, batu pahat johor, malaysia.
- ni dekat hometown.. tempat ni biasa-biasa je tp best sebab parking free dan banyaaakk parking space. terkini, kat situ dah ada big apple yg sangaaat besar. teruja!! shah alam pun tak ada big apple sebesar kat batu pahat mall. hik2x..

2. jusco bukit tinggi, klang selangor, malaysia.
- fav spot ni nak lepak sebab office sy belakang jusco je. lepas balik kerja suka jalan sorang-sorang window shopping kat sini. tempat ni besaaaaar sgt. best!

3. pasar baru, bandung.
- to be specific floor 4 dan ke bawah. ouh.. tak tahan nak membeli belah. tempat ni biasa-biasa je tapiiiiiiiii.. semua ada, murah-murah dan cantik-cantik. ketahanan fizikal dan mental diperlukan sebab bila dah rambang mata semua nak beli, nak angkut semua barang-barang tak cukup kaki tangan! hihi..

yeyy.. tu je so far. hurm.. one day sy nak ke singapore la nak jalan-jalan.. nanti kita roger-roger yer mama.


Ummi Lily... said...

As Salam Kak Ann!!

Fooooh!! Ni da lamo betol I tk buat bloghopping ni... So many things happened lately... Been soooo busy with so many stuffs passing thru my life... Maaf la yer kalau hambe ni ade siket punye lagging... =) Rindu betol la kat u all sume...

OK OK... Nw my turn...

1. - [Jurong IMM] I love going there coz there's lots of stuff e.g Giant where I could do my gorceries, Water Splash Park to keep my little ones occupied, Daiso $2 Dollar Shop where they sell everything n anything at only $2, Fast Food Restaurants la, Small Kart Shops selling cheap Blouses & Bags la... Lots more... All under one roof!! The best part is the whole place is huge!! You can find anything and everything from home appliances to home decor to anything la... Anything!! I like... =)

2. - [Sembawang Shopping Centre] - It's like a mini little Jurong IMM... There's Daiso, Water Splash Park too and most importantly HALAL HEI SUSHI!! It's so conveniently located around my neighbourhood. Just a 7mins drive... hee hee...

3. - [MYDIN @ K.L] - I felt The moment my cousin introduce to shop at this place while my family and I went for our holiday in KL. It's like the Malaysian version of Singapore's Mustafa Centre... There's sooooo many stuffs here la sei... The best part is I don't have to worry getting bumped or stared at by cheeky looking banglas...

rasp said...

Aduh..nak kena choose ek...susahnye soklan nie hehehhe...

~ Jusco Wangsa Maju, KL - actually there's nothing special there, but w'ouls 1 family dah so familiar with tat place so, we know what to get where, bila emergency shopping harus terus je ke situ :)

~ Manga Dua, Jakarta coz like u say lah sis...u're jez bound to get some pretty cool stuff there :)

~ Pasar Baru, Bandung... macam2 ada, cheap oso :)

Shopaholic Mama said...

Mak Pah - except for The Curve which I've not been, I also love yr 3 choices! MBK memang the bomb!Tak puas 1 day there. Batam Mall is a must for everyone Sporean too when they step in Batam. And I fell in love with Vivo only after my 3rd trip there when I discovered more shops there.

Syahira - Wa'alaikumsalam. Mcm you kata Batu Pahat mall, I suka pegi this kind small malls too. If I singgah Batu Pahat, I akan pegi. Jusco pun I like, esp kat JB.

Jalan2 kat Bandung dah berapa kali tapi I tak ingat tempat dia, maklumlah dulu belum ada blog lagi, so never take note of it..hehehe

InsyaAllah kalau you ke sini. roger us lah.

Lily - I went to IMM 2 weeks ago & I taknak balik until FM dragged me
out coz we have other places to go after that.

As for Sembawang, I went before they renovated but have yet to check out the new one.

Mydin pun is a must-go but mainly for childrens' stuff like hair accessories & stationery.

Sis Rasp - Yippee ada jugak orang suka Mangga Dua! Kalau you korek betul2, you can find many pretty stuff there! I need at least 3 full days to venture here! Next time I go Bandung, I will check if this Pasar Baru is the same one I went too!

PearL said...

I so want to send comment yesterday but am so occupied yesterday....

Mama, can flea markets be in the list?..hehe

My favs

1. Chatuchak market in Bangkok - this one can never finish...

2. Times Square in HKG - living ther for 2 years, this is my haunt every weekend sebab every weekend got Sale...and Winter season...haiyo crazy dibuatnye...

3. Tampines Mall - this one is like Mini Orchard Road...All have..hehe cinema, supermarket..very convinient since near home..

3 only right? i better keep to the quota..hahaha


Otak Belacan said...

Saya pun nak list jugak.

1. Sheng Siong Supermarket.
2. S-Mart, JB.

Eh. Shopping malls eh?

Causeway point. T_T


Shopaholic Mama said...

Pearl - flea markets are even better! I love them too, dont care abt the heat! Chatuchak is fun but usually I can only cover halfway!

I remembered going to Times Square HK too but I prefer the Ladies Market. And yes, Tampines Mall & Century Square are also my fav.

Nadh - I have Sheng Siong nearby my home too but S-Mart tak penah dgr pun! Causeway Point pun best jugak!

On a general, don’t you all realized I love just abt every places that sells stuff & has salegirls in it?

Even going to the neighbourhood Watson is excitings!

Blushwax said...

1. love love. Nak pergi?

2. Far East Plaza...haha. Just cos I love Cahaya, the cheap shoes I can find there and past season DVF dresses (sometimes).

3. Toa Payoh hub. Many many stores with a good variety of stuff. From clothes to shoes to makan to cheap n gd pedi and mani. I wanna move to TP!

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum mama..

omg, mama pernah ke batu pahat mall ke? sure lalu depan rumah sy. next time if turun lagi roger-roger k.

insya Allah if sy ke singapore sy roger-roger juga..