Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Geek Chic 101 - Blogger New Features

I am not really sure if most of you have already upgraded to a new editor for blogger, but as for me, I just realized it last week! What a bummer lah seh. Anyway, it's mad freaking awesome because say goodbye to you-can-only-upload-6-photos-at-a-time thingy! HAPPINESS!

I am really loving this new feature! Not only I can upload a gazillion photos on one window, I can even choose which one I want it to appear in the entry first! At the beginning I freaked out because once I clicked OK after all the photos are uploaded, only one photo manage to appear on that entry. Terus macam motif motif motif apakahhhhhhh. But don't worry, the uploaded photos are still there when you click the 'image' icon again. Hehehe. So that means, you can choose to put a photo, continue typing and typing before you insert another photo. They even have this auto-link to the photos for you to choose the size of the image. Coolness kentang right?


 To change to the new editor, login in to and under the SETTINGS tab, scroll down till you see 'Select post editor'. Select 'Updated Editor' and click Save Settings. And you're done! [Do check out the latest features link too okays?]

This is how your new editor interface will look like. There's not much of changes to it except that they've added a lot more icons for easier usage. The undo and redo button, strikethrough button, words colour highlighting button andddddd the jump break button.

If you might have notice, some professional blogs they adopt the 'Click here to read more..' feature which will make the blog look more organized and well maintained. Well if you would also like to adopt similar standards, that's where the jump break icon comes into the picture. You can insert it anywhere in your entry but my advice is do not keep it too minimal or too long, probably like make a rule such as every entry will only limit 10-15 lines before a jump break is inserted. You gotta try it to believe it. Hehe.

The default jump break for blogger is 'Read more >>' and if you want to change it to something else like 'Why not click here to continue reading?', you can also do that by going to:

LAYOUT > Page Elements > Blog Post [click Edit] >
Post page link text: Read more >>[Change this]

And tadaaa! We're done for the day! Have a great week ahead peeps. :)


PearL said...

Nadh dahling, u know I'm not IT pray I dun mess up later...ehhehehehe...


Mak Pah Vogue said...

yo Nadh... alamak so "chim" sey. ada kang lain yg diajar lain mak pah buat kang.... muakakakakaka

nevertheless, thks for the info.... kalau sesak2 boleh jugak ler by trial n error. if not, siap ler talifon Nadh berdering-dering asking for "Help!!!!"

Shopaholic Mama said...

I was confused too at first abt uploading the photos but later realised, that its even better than before! Yippee for that!

Other than that, kena buzz Nadh to help us!

Ayu Rahaman said...

OMG, thank u so much!! i haven't been blogging for quite some time and i love dropping by here cuz u girls always provide the best and accurate details!!!

i was like so kuno last nite trying to figure how to get all the new features from bloggers!

This blog provides everything a woman and a blogger could ask for. And each time i miss s'pore, i would just have to drop by here, and rindu pun terubat!

Luv u ladies! u rock! :)

Otak Belacan said...

Tatak In, Mak Pah & Mama Ann:
Was my entry that confusing? Erk. Hahaha. Hmmm.. :)

Ayu: Wow! That comment could act like a testimonial for us! Really appreciate that babe. :)

And if you ever do need any help or have questions about blogs, I'll try my best to help k.. I tak makan orang lah. Hahaha. :p

Take care!