Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vogue-U Potion - I'm a Barbie Girl

Praise to Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful...

Haha.... the title above sure reminds all of us to the song by Aqua where the lyric goes like......,

I'm a barbie girl, in the barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation
Come on Barbie, let's go party!

and blah blah blah

The story behind Barbie dolls.... well Mak Pah's youngest daughter was a Barbie dolls' collector. Eversince she got to know about Barbie, all her toys and birthday presents were focussed on Barbie collections, right up to hair clips, hair bands, sling bags, dolls of different cartoon characters, dolls' accesories including furnitures for the dolls.

She has a little corner in their bedroom to display and laid out her Barbie collectables. Everday without fail she would play for hours with her Barbie dolls. Sometimes I would also join her to play those Barbie gadgets for hair pleats and hair curls and so on and on. In fact her other siblings, my eldest daughter and her elder brother would join in as well. However it would normally turned out with loud screams and curses coz her siblings would tease and made funny gestures and funny hairdos with the dolls.

I normally let them be as they would mellowed down after a while. However the one Mak Pah always got mad was when she did not clear the accessories and dolls back to their original place. There was once I stepped on a very sharp object under my foot. I gave a loud shrieked and pulled it out. When I realised it was one of the Barbie accessories, I called out my daughter and gave her a scolding. I threatened not buying anymore Barbie things. She just stared blankly at my face. I got even mad and said.... "Throw away all your Barbie collections, I don't want to see them again!!!!!" and returned to my bedroom.
After a few days, I went into their room to get something. Then I realised how come the room looked different, so clean, spit and span. Scrutinizing the whole room, I saw the corner for my daughter's Barbie collections was empty! I called my daughter to query. She spoke softly with shiny eyes like almost crying.... "We threw them away...."
At that point of time I felt like my heart had stopped pumping and shrieked..."What!!!!! Why did you throw them???". She said after I scolded her that day, she got so scared and reluctantly threw all her Barbie collections. I asked her about the Barbie furnitures, bed and wardrobe. She gave a nod saying everything was thrown.
I sat down by their bed and almost cried too. Oh my God!!! what have I done!!!! I regretted saying those harsh words until she thought I really meant them. I apologised to her and said I'll make it up to her and buy another new Barbie doll but the furniture and accessories will be bought gradually considering the cost!!! She said it was alright coz she's a big girl and realised she did not like the colour pink..... hmmm. She only played with what she had all the while.

Now it seems she enjoys watching those Barbie cartoon movies. And did not bothered to collect any Barbie collections. She's more to video games, PSP games, Xbox games and GameBoy Advance games.

The above experience has taught Mak Pah to control my anger and not bluntly say things that shouldn't be said. No doubt when we get angry, we tend to forget who we are and then without realising it we say things which could hurt another party. As the saying goes, your wish is my command (Kata2 itu Doa).

Sometimes it's easier said than done.... however Mak Pah think we can try to inculcate a good practice to always think positive and stay happy all the time. Life is short, cherish every moment of it.

Luv from Mak Pah to all..... may all of us have a blessed day... InsyaAllah. Ameen.


cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum mak pah.

nice entry..
sgt deep meaning disitu.
makes me think twice sblm buat apa-apa tindakan lepas ni.

Mak Pah Vogue said...

waalaikumsalam syahira.

mmg dear, kdg2 bila dah terlalu marah kita lupa diri. sbb tu bila diingat-ingatkan semula rasa kesal tak sudah.... sbb nak kumpul sumer bukan sehari dua tapi bertahun dan byk belanjanya, maklum ler bukan anak patung biasakan.... tapi setiap kejadian tu mungkin ada hikmah disebaliknya... kita sbg manusia yg kerdil ni kena redha, sabar dan tawakkal slalu...

PearL said...

U know Mak Pah, I never had Barbie doll growing up...cos very expensive kan masa tu...so me play with paper dolls yang 20sen..Draw baju sendiri hokay.....so when I got my first pay check, i bought my very own barbie!!! bayar niat..wakkakakakah..

Anyways, memang betul kata makpah, bila dah marah tu kan, left right centre back pun tak ingat...we learn from our own doings..

Thanks Mak Pah for the reminder!


rasp said...

my 2nd doter ada gak collection barbienya but i think she tak lah dikategorikan as a collector...sesaja suka2 je...

neway, n3 nie is sooo deep!
mcm i nie with 4 kids dgn kerenah memasing,
slalu aje ada kejadian2 yg testing my patience.
Tapi syukur sis, up till today, i lum lagik lah had a terrible outblow..
bila i teramat marah pun, i wud alwiz walk away from the scene 1st,
take a breather elsewhere or slalunya if kat umah, i end up dlm toilet amik wuduk to cool me down...
then i will come back to the scene, and marah but marah yg telah difikirkan fakta2nya hehehehe
hopefully sampai akhir hayatlah i leh praktiskan cenggini....

Mak Pah Vogue said...

yes pearl, i remembered the paper dolls. mak pah had a few of the characters. then draw extra baju kan.... simpan dlm kotak kasut atau tin cokelat. i really missed those so call dolls eh. mak pah ada jugak buat those anak patung dari balance kain in the shape of a cross... then potong kain to shape like baju kurung, baju kebaya, gaun sumer.... i think one of these days kena buat project dolly ler....huhu. bila ibu mak pah bought me dolls yg mata terkelip-kelip, suka n simpan baik2. after that upgraded to rag dolls.

rasp - alhamdulilah u have done the right thing dear. keep it up. mendidik anak2 ni byk dugaannya. cheerio.