Thursday, October 29, 2009

La Dolce Vita : A Well Rounded Development

Have you ever tried listening to classical music while you were pregnant?

In the 90's there was this theory that expectant mothers who listen to classical music will have smart babies. This theory was never proven though but lots of those mothers did notice that their babies were calmer everytime they hear the piece of music. It is as if the babies recognise the music and finds it soothing. Just for that alone, I think it's worth trying.

Many cds available out there but I think Amazon has the biggest range and cheaper than getting at a store.

While giving your child an advantage musically, one could also include lessons on Islam. Other than listening to classical music, I think Islamic nursery rhymes would be great. Granted these are a bit more difficult to find here in SG but there's always youtube. It's never too early to start educating little ones on The Creator.

On that note, a friend of mine recently recommended this series of books for young children. She chanced upon the Bismillah Early Learners series by IQRA Foundation at the Darul Arqam bookstore. The series introduces young children to concepts such as colors, letters, shapes, and numbers through positive Islamic themes. Abstract concepts of Islamic belief and morals are presented in a simple and personal manner that children will be able to relate to.

I haven't had the time to go down to Geylang to get the books yet. It's a wonderful addition to any child's book collection and the concept is just great! A well rounded developmental book on worldly and spiritual knowledge for a child. Simply fabulous! Will update about the books once I get my hands on them.


Gembo said...

Mrs G:

This brought back fond memories of Mr G and I slowly building this 'nest' for our first bundle of joy. Definitely one of the best moments in our lives together.. Take very good care of yourself too - a happy mommy makes a happy baby. Congrats!

Mak Pah Vogue said...

Mothers-to-be now r luckier.... so many resources. During mak pah's time, there were limited resources.... majority from books and vcds.

nevertheless, the excitement of going thru the whole pregnancy was memorable.

PearL said...

Raff this is soooo cool. I'm getting a set for Anarqi...Nasib dialah dapat auntie yang "kiasu" when it comes to things like this...

Insya Allah will go down to Darul Arqam next week!!!

thanks for the info dahling!