Monday, October 19, 2009

i LOVE mondays - Design : Hari Raya envelopes

May Peace be Upon You

Happy Mondays!! and wishing all a very blessed Monday indeed. And I hope the Syawal brings great joy and happiness to most of you.

Typically during the Syawal festive month, I like to use the Chinese AngPao red packets to hand out those "duit raya". I like the size of the envelope and just being flavour-ly different. Of course not to mention I get remarks like " eh this one Chinese New Year lah..."

Anyways, this year, I found many great design for the Hari Raya envelopes and the ones that I like are always the ones that are from the bank. I love those long envelopes as I don't have to fold the bill.

So, I'm running down to some of my favs :

MAYBANK : The size of the envelope is good but they could have done the whole envelope with the "songket" print. That would made it very symbolic with the Malay tradition feel.

STANDARD CHARTERED : Now this is my favourite. The photo does not do justice. I had to make to do with my Berry phone. But the colour and the embossed print on the envelope made this one feels very exclusive. They kept the colour to the inside of the envelope which made the design seamless. The bank's logo is very subtle and the gold lettering imprints creates a nice highlight.

HSBC : I think HSBC does great design with its Chinese New Year envelope. They need more work with this one.

Manja : This was Manja's from 2 years back that I kept. Its colourful and probably suited with the magazine. I wish they could find better advert for the back.

Donut Empire : I got this from Mama Ann's. This is just hilarious......... They should stick to a fun concept. The gold and the purple makes it a bit serious. Bright cheerful colours with the Donut cartoon would go well for them.

Disney : Now, this is definitely the first for me to see Disney celebrates Hari Raya. Talk about global harmony.!

I love the design but it would be nice to have the longer envelope. The heavy pattern would work proportionally well with the longer envelope. But I like the bronze brown colour that they have opted for.

Muis :
Somehow I felt a similar design concept between Muis and AMP. I'm impartial about this one. It's predictable.

CIMB : This one I see there's an effort from the design. A good graphical representation. You don't get your typical "ketupat" design but you can see the designer had merge the representation of Hari Raya essence in line with its logo design - which is very geometrical. This one has a good concept.

Sony Ericsson : This is also another of my favourite. Sony is clever not depicting a particular colour or words that would associate itself with any festival. You could use this for Chinese New works...You could use it for Hari still works...You could even use this for Wedding angpao...It doesn't matter. (although I know Raff would never have this in her purse...because its PINK..hehehe)

So which one is your favourite?

Love from your "kawaii" designer,


rasp said...

hehehehe, i took a few pics of the angpow packets too, ingatkan nak buat n3, sampai harinie, elok je tersimpan dlm folder, totally forgotten bout it, till i say yours :D

i suka yg standard chartered and the sony...but over here in malaysia i suka Bank Negara nye...

PearL said...

Rasp - Raya pun dah ending you can summarize your angpao envelope collection lah...hehehe Oh would definitely love to see the Bank Negara one... ;)


strawberi said...

yg CIMB last year kan.this year gold color..

me..suka yg alliance je

PearL said...

it could be Strawberi, since I took this from somewhere..
Kat Malaysia, I'm sure got so many design from all of the banks kan...

thanks for dropping by!


cik syahira said...


i heart sony ericsson.
sebab pink!!
auwww.. ehhehehe.

Shopaholic Mama said...

Strawberi, true the Cimb is last year's! A fren of mine gave me a stack! Even the Sony ones was years ago punya design but since I have a lot, I keep on using it. Save duit beli envelope!

Actually there is one Maybank envelope that I have kept for Pearl - 1 envelope for 4festive seasons! Very unique I must say!

And whoever works in bank or companies that give out Raya envelopes, pls lah do not hesitate to pass some to me for my usage next year..hahaha tak tau malu mintak!

Mak Pah Vogue said...

I received the HSBC ones via post.... so pakai jer lah.

In fact some of those my children got i told them to pass to me to recycle for kenduri kawin and future raya collection money. Tapi klu envelope dah ronyok or koyak then no choice ler i buang jer....