Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vogue U start off the new year with Dim Sum and not MacD's Prosperity burger.

What has dim sum got to do with macd's prosperity burger, you might ask? Well nothing actually lah. Hehe. I was going random with the title. Lols.

And so to kick off the new year with a bang, we went all the way to the East side of Singapore to have a classic hearty dinner of dim sums and its siblings AND relatives too. The last time Vogue U had a full gathering was last October so yeah, we kinda miss each other alot. We were all excited for the meet up and our dear Shopaholic Mama even came up with a tune which goes.. dam dam dim sum sum; Disturbia by Rihanna. I even had my own version from Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Aren't we just too cute to be true. Jejejeje.

So here we are on Friday night at Tang Tea House.
357, Bedok Road, Singapore.

Introducing.. ME! Nad a.k.a Otak Belacan ek ah woot woot.
Myself and Mama Moralle was the first to arrive despite staying at the other end of the map and sesat barat telajak ke Ang mo kio. The rest was fashionably late which, was forgiven cos Mama Moralle fed me with french fries to shut me up. HAHA. Our dearest mom-to-be Blushwax (Raf) was not able to make it though.

[Yes! saya dah makan untuk anda ye Cik Raf! *burppp*] Hehe.

This was Mama Moralle's awesomelyfantasticsupersoohsedap
kway teow cockles.

See? I told you. [Ampun mama. :p]

The dim sum family! Errr kak Indra, abit of help here with the dishes name please?  I only remember hah kau? Eh? Hah ku? Can I just come up with my own names tak? Hehe.

Shopper Mama's crispy bee hoon with those lavely taugehs. Kekeke.
And, no.. Its not crispy like keropok lekor or pisang goreng in case you're wondering.

This coconut drink is sedap hingga menjilat gigi I tell you. I forgot the name too. And the drink, its green in colour cos according to the mothers, green = pandan. $2.90 per glass yaw.

Mak Pah Vogue arrives ....

... and we ordered for our 2nd round.


And its photo kawaii time!
Sis Pearl and Mama Moralle

Mak Pah Vogue and Sis Pearl

The OG group - Mak Pah Vogue, Shopaholic Mama and Mama Moralle
[Reminds me of the Korean variety show 2 days 1 night where their group was separated between two team, the OB and YB. Old Boys and Young Boys. Hehehehe.] Ampun Mak-Mak. Walaupun old tatapi taatapppp young at heart eh eh. :)

Signing off, the YG group minus one team member.

Happy Sunday and have a
great week ahead y'all! 


Gembo said...

Mrs G:

Har Kow..Shumai...Carrot cake...Fried Wantan..
Yam..Cheong Fun..droolz..

OG and YG? Berani ko Nad! Nasib tak kena racun dalam french fries tu...heheheheh..

Too bad Raf wasn't there but you guys still look as vogue and lovely as ever!

Unviersal Studios bila bukak? Can't wait to bring the kids n see u guys again!

Moralle said...

Luvly n yummylicious dinner + te peluk cium, muachhssss

Moralle said...
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Mak Pah Vogue said...

the last time mak pah had dim sum dining was abt 15 yrs ago when hara dimsum opened their 1st restaurant in bt timah. that time mak pah only had 2 kids. both hubby n me added the loh mai kai (glutinous rice) but still not filling. in the end, we went to order chicken rice each fm the stall next door...hehehe. now once a while mak pah make siew mai for my family coz buying them was always not enough!!! hehehe

Shopaholic Mama said...

My taugeh was too little - just 13 helai je!

Dim sum was good.

But the company of the VU gals and sesi cerita 'beranak' yg paling best (hush Kak Mar, tak sangka you ganas eh, sampai ada scene Incredible Hulk koyak baju..hehehe)

Blushwax said...

Miss u all!

Love the beef fried rice at Tang Tea House. Oh so sedap.

HHmm..ada cerita beranak semua? OMG....lucky i wasn't there lah...I might be even more traumatised. As it is now I am super nervous.

Mrs G : Universal Studios aiming for opening before Chinese New Year. Can't wait to see you all again!