Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Time out with Shopper-Mama: Avatar Fever

Any of you watched Avatar already?

Me?  As some of you know, I dont watch movies at all in cinemas/theater.  My last trip to the cinema was to watch 'GHOST' starring the late Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in 1989!!!  That's a whopping 20 years ago! 

Anyway, back to topic, Avatar is a 2009 American science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron (the very same director who directed another blockbuster movie 'Titanic').  Opening to critical acclaim and commercial success, now has  grossed more than S$1 billion worldwide.

When I was a kid, my favourite sci-fi tv series that I watched religiously were 'Space 1999' and 'V' (digress jap- Who watched these 2 tv series? They were the boomzzz kan!).  Other than that, other Sci-Fi films do not appeal to me anymore.  Apalagi bila tengok muka alien2 mcm kat atas.

If looking at them was not enough, now Avatar has even spawned the following:-



President Obamavatar


 Avatar- Twilight


Jessica Albatar


Even my fav Angelinatar Jolie jadi mangsa!


 Si Pamelatar Baywatch pun!!!

And, save the best for last


Mr Beanatar - At least he looks cute here!


cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum shopaholic mama.

saya dah tengok avatar 3d.
best sangat!
tapi.. macam panjang sangat.
so adalah tersengguk sengguk juga nak tunggu cerita ni habis.
hu hu hu.

rasp said...

i pun dah lama tak jejak kaki ke cinema....
i tak ingat lah crite space 1999 tu or perhaps tak main kat malaysia ermmmmm tapi V yes! i ingat hehehehehe

Mak Pah Vogue said...

oooo yes space 1999 and V were among my fav as well. my fav character in space 1999 was Maya (the alien that can change into any life form). space 1999 was during the 70s, while V came much later in the 80s when I was in secondary school days..... s'pore's channel 5 did a re-telecast of space 1999 and when I told my children it was my fav, they giggled and remarked the spaceships looked so plastic... my answered how can u compare the 70s and the milennium technology!!! at least those days, we are more handy and creative.... now everything is just with a press of the button, CGI!!!

BTW mak pah do chill out in cinema once in a while though....

Shopaholic Mama said...

Syahira - 3D memang best tapi pening kan?? Tu sebab I tak boleh tgk wayang kat cinema coz I suka risau duduk 1 tempat.

Sis Rasp - V tu, I still ingat, si Linda yg jahat tu makan tikus mcm kita makan durian nyam nyam gitu...eeewwww

Mak Pah - at last, someone knows Space 1999 shown around 1975-1979 coz that time I baru umur 6 tahun lebih! Yep I love Maya too! Classic beauty!

In fact, I was a couch potatoe coz semua cite I sebat like Bionic Woman, 6 million dollar man, Wonder Woman etc! But now, dah jarang watch tv!

PearL said...

oh mama..i love V!!! hahahah


Eti Karim said...

hi there, I am blog hopping,stumbled upon ur blog.

I love V!!!! best giler!!!

Yes, I watched Avatar on 3D on Christmas Day. Thought I was not gonna like, but it turned out that I love it. I love everything about it. Beautiful movie kan???

the spawned version is hilariouslah!!! muahahahaha!!!!

Shopaholic Mama said...

Pearl - 'V' is 1 of the most watched tv series I think! You still remember the girl 'Elizabeth' who gave birth to an alien looking baby in the show? That was shocking to me but still I continue watch jugak!

Eti - Hi hi Eti, tks for dropping by! Another 'V' fan! I just find out that we can watch 'V' o youtube now! But dont think I want to re-live watching the 'mice-eating' again!