Monday, January 4, 2010

Vogue-U Potion - Infotainment Visit "Republic of S'pore Air Force Meseum"

May Peace Be With You.......

Earlier last year, I was on the way to Pasir Ris beach with my sister's family, and we detoured a shortcut via Airport Rd when suddenly on the opposite side of the road we saw a building with signboard Air Force Museum. Out of curiosity, we decided to make a u-turn and voila... ended up to a short visit to Republic of Singapore Air Force Meseum. To our surprise the entrance is FOC and photo taking was allowed as well.... very good!!!!

The meseum was filled with very detailed informations and the best part is they displayed the actual aeroplanes and helicopters but of course they were disarmed!!!! My honey bunny nephew, Sufi, was amazed and scrutinized all the lifesize exhibits but when asked to post for a photo, sharply answered... don't want. And when I asked him to press the button for display or information, also reluctant.... hehe funny kid.

OK, here's some info about the The Air Force Meseum...


400, Airport Road, S'pore 534234 (Paya Lebar area)

Bus service: SBS no. 90, 90A, 94, 94A

(SBS no. 94 does not operate on Sundays)

Operating Hours

Tuesdays - Sundays (8.30am - 5.00pm)

Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays

For Information:

Tel: 65 64618504


Now let's enjoy photos below taken from my handphone for your reference

Lifesize aeroplane model attached to the meseum's building and carpark

Lifesize planes exhibit in the foyer area

I think this is the souvenir shop... but it was closed when we were there

They have I think 2 theatrettes, where there are shows and talks at scheduled timings

2nd storey (Indoor galleries of the meseum)

This is the entrance to the indoor galleries located at the 2nd storey

This is a bridge adjoining 2 indoor galleries of the meseum at the 2nd storey (ovelooking the openyard foyer displaying lifesizes planes and helis exhibits)

Lifesize cockpits to try...

Models of the cable car accident/rescue in 1983....

OK vogue-u-ers, I hope you've enjoyed the pictures...... However in order to capture the spirit and heritage of the RSAF, you may visit the meseum and experience it yourself.


Lots of Luv...Mak Pah